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Acquiring Computers For Your Small Business

US Business Finance Corp helps small businesses obtain computers to help their companies gain a competitive edge – repair issues and outdated hardware or software can be a source of headaches and loss of  work time. We provide alternative funding solutions so small business owners can keep their computers up-to-date in today’s economic atmosphere. Our following guide can assist small business owners assess the merits of the various computers available. With the glut of great refurbished computers on the market a real consideration is whether to get a new computer or a refurbished computer.

US Business Finance Corp, as an alternative funding source, helps companies buy needed office equipment or new advertising to help improve business. Our business cash advances benefit company owners since they provide fast access to cash without the need for collateral or personal guarantees. The cash advance is paid back with a portion of future MasterCard and Visa credit card sales. The business’s balance sheet is not affected and the cash advance is usually paid off in six to nine months.

One maxim that has saved owners from buying mistakes is to look for the most cost-effective computer to match your needs, not the cheapest. This is often a question of buy new or refurbished. Buying new or refurbished largely depends on usage. Start with a list of the functions the computer will be used for (accounting, email, etc). Then create a checklist of specifications for the computer. Include operating system, screen size, RAM size (more for graphics software), minimum size of processor(s), and desktop or laptop. Then price what is available.

Older computers tend to be slower and have less RAM capacity. However, for many office tasks involving spreadsheets or word processing, older computers of very much up to the task. A good strategy for buying refurbished computers is:

  • Always deal with a reputable business;
  • Check the reviews of the computer and the resale business on the Internet; and
  • Make sure there is a manufacturer’s 30 – 90 day warranty.

Many companies, such as Dell and IBM/Lenovo, have lease return computers available that are refurbished at the manufacturer’s facility to meet the “good as new” specifications. In states with high business property taxes, buying refurbished computers is also a way to keep your business property taxes down without sacrificing office productivity.

Often, a small business will realize better productivity from a computer by opting for a more RAM (1K to 2K) and a slightly slower processor time since the RAM is usually maxed out by the computer long before the processor is.

Getting a new computer makes sense if you need the fastest processor, largest hard drive and as much RAM as possible, which is usually the case for graphics intensive jobs. Graphics software tends to use as much RAM as you have and then want more. The processor speed (and number of processors) also decreases the time your engineers sit and watch the screen as a software operation takes place. Most word processing and accounting functions do not need to pay the premium attendant with the fastest machines.

Another area to take into account is that some inexpensive computers that are newer and faster are made with proprietary hardware in the interest of cutting costs. When a computer has a proprietary motherboard that means any future upgrades to RAM may cost your business 2 to 3 times what similar sized RAM costs for non-proprietary computers. A simple way to check a computer you are considering buying is to go online and check the price of 1 Meg RAM. Regular RAM may run $80 – $150, while RAM for proprietary boards can run to $400.

Taking these three points into account – source of financing and either new or refurbished – companies can better determine which computers will meet the most cost-effective price point and provide them their best long-term productivity. Contact us at US Business Finance Corp to see how quickly you can finance your computer upgrades without needing long-term financing or equipment leases.

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