Business Cash Advance & Business Financing Alternatives 

Alternative Financing Help For Your Medical Practice

The small medical practice part of the healthcare industry turns to alternative financing help, such as cash advances, to fill their cash flow gaps. Without a large financial staff that hospitals can afford, doctors are forced to take on the role of a small business entrepreneur. When pursuing traditional lending avenues, small medical practices, especially start-ups or ones in expansion mode, often find that their lack of assets or cyclical cash flow hinder their ability to secure traditional business loans that are available to large hospitals or established medical practices.

US Business Finance Corp offers alternative financing assistance to small medical practices that:

  • Supplies fast and consistent access to operating capital – 24 hour or less approval;
  • No liens or security interest against accounts receivables;
  • No need for personal guarantees or use of personal assets (your home!);
  • Available to many medical practices that do not qualify for standard bank funding; and
  • Financing can be used for any needs of your medical practice.

Our approval rate for small businesses is over 80%! Our normal funding time? We usually electronically transfer the cash advance to your company’s account within seven business days after approval. There are no checks to write, coupons to return or monthly financial reports to send to us. The cash advance is automatically repaid from a percentage of your patients’ Visa and MasterCard payment. The monthly payment amount is entirely dependent on your credit card receipts – more payments equals faster time to pay off.

When cash flow emergencies arise, we know that your overdue accounts receivables are no promise that your medical practice will meet its bills on time. US Business Finance Corp knows that time is of the essence and we strive to work with our clients to get the approval and funding process completed as quickly as possible. Getting a standard business loan will never fund your practice as fast as our business cash advances.

Contact us at US Business Finances Corp to see how quickly your medical practice can obtain approval and funding of our business cash advance to meet your financing needs.

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