Business Cash Advance & Business Financing Alternatives 

Customer Service Counts When Businesses Need It

Small business owners seek allies, such as a merchant credit card processing servicing company like US Business Finance Corp (USBFC), for small business financing and streamlining ways of making a profit. The last thing a business needs is an unresponsive or unhelpful customer service experience with their merchant credit card processor.

How critical is your business support for your merchant credit card account? Too often you find out when time is of the essence.

US Business Finance Corp is a proven trustworthy financing and business services ally to small businesses and mid-size businesses with our efficient alternative business funding programs and credit card processing services. In a very competitive marketplace, USBFC recognizes that our responsive and “go the extra mile” customer service is an asset that our customers value highly. When our customers need help, we know that their time is money and that nothing less than the fastest and best customer service response is acceptable.

If you are a start-up enterprise or seeking a merchant credit card service processor with better terms, contact our merchant account specialists. We have the experience and network to bring your business the best service at the best overall price. Our responsive customer service has the track record of keeping businesses very satisfied with their merchant account experience.

For high risk businesses, USBFC specializes in getting your business the best rates and working with you and your employees to position your business for better rates in the future. Educating your employees is an investment in customer service we gladly make for our clients to minimize the chance any employee mistakes trigger penalties that affect your rates and your merchant account status. We work to see that your high risk merchant credit account serves you to improve your income streams, not create another expense and headache for you.

Contact USBFC to see what steps we can take to get you into a merchant account situation that provides you with the best customer support, overall rates, and the ability to leverage your credit card sales with a company cash advance when and if your company needs it. US Business Finance Corp builds our success on your business’s success – we enjoy the long-term business relationships we have with our customers!

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