Business Cash Advance & Business Financing Alternatives 

Documenting Your Small Business For Financial Success

Alternative Financing and Training For Financial Success

Business owners adapting the franchise business model strengths to improve their company’s financial success find business documentation a challenging task. In US Business Finance Corp’s experience assisting small businesses start on a solid business foundation, from arranging sources of operating capital to finding the best merchant credit card processing services,  we evolved a simplified solution to this task. First diagram and document the company culture and second document the money trail from sales to payment.

Training Increases Credit Card Profitability

The foundational training is centered on the company culture, which covers the basics such as dress code, using the time clock, calling when there are changes in schedules, and use of company property. Make sure there are no “unspoken rules” that carry greater weight than the documented rules. Unspoken rules can undermine the success of the best systems.

When training employees, by following the money trail, the employee has a logical structure to frame their new found knowledge. Start with product training, possibly on a graduated basis for more involved products, so they know what the company offers – and what problems the products solve.

The next step in the money trail is sales. Sales training ranges from operational steps such as working the cash register and credit card terminals to the customer service area of handling irate customers, finding the right product for clients to soliciting customer feedback. US Business Finance Corp knows how important it is to protect your merchant status with Visa and MasterCard, so we provide training on all aspects of handling credit card transactions for all our merchant credit card account processing service clients.

Invoicing & Cash Advances Offset Slow Bill Payers

The last steps are usually the back office steps of handling payroll, invoicing and bill collecting. Though maybe somewhat tedious, one place most businesses have room for improvement is timely billing on their outstanding accounts. The sooner invoices are sent, the sooner clients will send their payments and keep the cash flow at the necessary level to meet the business’s own bills. When clients are slow to pay their bills and create cash flow emergencies for business owners, our business cash advance option is a fast safety valve to bring in cash with a pledge against future Visa and MasterCard sales. No personal guarantee or collateral necessary, US Business Finance Corp takes on the risk of the cash advance.

Documentation can be as simple as block diagrams or photographs of steps in the process – as long as the steps are clear. Simplifying steps aids in the ability of employees to remember the processes. An added benefit of simplifying steps is the time to document and maintain the documentation so it remains current to your business’s innovations and improvements is reduced.

US Business Finance Corp realizes the tremendous benefits to consistent training having financial safety valves set up before your business runs into a cash flow emergency. Our team provides training to our merchant credit card account clients and our business cash advance option provides peace of mind for business owners. We believe credit cards and business financing sources should benefit your company with greater income! By helping to minimize “operator error” through training and setting up your business for quickly accessing a cash advance when you need it,  we can help improve your business and protect your profit margins.

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