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High Risk Credit Card Processing Services

US Business Finance Corp financial services for start-up businesses helps them reduce their Visa and MasterCard credit card processing costs due to their “high risk” status. Businesses like Internet sale of computers, software and electronics may always have to work with their high risk status, but many start-ups fall in the high risk category simply because they are less than two years old, are working out of their home office or garage, or take credit card orders over the phone.

US Business Finance Corp specializes in helping start-ups and other high risk merchant credit card account businesses both obtain high risk card processing services for Visa and MasterCard and train owners and employees on the best ways to improve their rates.

Training, historically, has helped owners minimize small errors that have large repercussions in their merchant ratings. Three basic training rules are:

  1. Never accept foreign credit cards or suspicious card.
  2. Avoid chargebacks, whatever it takes. If possible assign one person to customer service to make sure you have a satisfied customer and keep chargebacks to an absolute minimum.
  3. Never run a charge for products other than the ones you sell. Offering to take a charge for a friend, regardless of how close a friend they are, may lose you your merchant account. If your credit card processing company detects a major change in your charging levels or the products you sell, they may terminate your merchant account. Once your merchant account is terminated, you will have a very hard time getting a new merchant account from any provider until five years pass.

With consistently good months of no chargebacks and no other activity that undermines your merchant account, US Business Finance Corp can work with you and the merchant credit card processing company to reduce both your rate and the amount of funds in your holdback account (funds held in reserve to cover chargebacks).

While risk in business is natural (and often the more risk the higher the potential profit return), US Business Finance Corp works with entrepreneurs to reduce the risk of higher rates and an unnecessary assessment of high risk rating. With our knowledge of credit card processing services, we can help middle risk businesses, such as auto service centers, furniture stores and computer stores better ratings.

Often financing institutions only have two rate categories – low risk and high risk. This unfairly penalizes the many in-between businesses. US Business Finance Corp finds you the best rates and fees for your small or mid-size business.

If your start-up small business or high risk business is in need of a merchant credit card account or better rates for your high risk rating, contact the Visa and MasterCard experts at US Business Finance Corp – we’ll save you money while you make money!

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