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High-Risk Credit Card Processing

High-risk Credit Card ProcessingDo you like the very profitable returns of owning a good business that is considered “High-Risk” by the credit card processing companies? However, due to the fact that you own such a business, you may have a hard time securing quality processing at a fair price. US Business Finance Corp has a division that will assist  you in seeking high-risk credit card processing services. If you have experienced getting declined by processors that reduce their risk by only accepting low-risk merchants, please consider working with our team of professionals in your search for high-risk credit card processing solutions.

You may think that high-risk the business category is reserved for companies that sell questonable products, door-to-door products or fortune tellers, but very ‘normal” businesses such as mortgage services, telecommunications equipment sales, travel, gun shops, auto rental, weightloss centers and wholesale clubs are considered high-risk.

Normally, high-risk credit card merchant account owners will pay 1 to 3 percent higher fees for their processing service, though your rates can be reduced after creating a 6 month or longer history of credit card processing transactions. US Business Finance Corp shows our clients how to establish a very good credit history and how to keep their merchant profile squeaky clean.

Another incentive to keeping your profile straight and your credit history in great shape is that high-risk merchants may negotiate an end to the daily reserve requirements. The daily reserve requirement is money held by the bank as insurance against possible charge backs. Risk is inherent in businesses and obviously it is greater with high-risk credit card merchant accounts. However, by following the credit card processing company’s guidelines, merchants can take easy steps to mitigate the risks of their business.

Our processors will train our clients’ employees how to avoid common mistakes that hurt the business’s credit history or merchant profile. Seemingly innocent mistakes can have large repercussions to the merchant profile.

We approach high-risk credit card processing from the merchant’s perspective; we connect merchants to processors who use the highest security measures available. Our intent is to build lasting relationships with our clients.

After your credit card processing services are met, you may find yourself in need of additional working capital. All business owners will need short-term working capital at some stage of the business cycle. US Business Finance Corp can help solve short-term cash needs with a business cash advance. These funds will assist you with any needs you can think of, for example: business equipment financing, inventory purchases, back taxes, and unscheduled maintenance challenges.

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