Business Cash Advance & Business Financing Alternatives 

Improving Your Credit Opportunities With A Cash Advance

Cash Advance Financial CushionTaking advantage of a business cash advance can be a crucial part of your company’s financial strategy. Since low interest business loans or vendor credit lines look for a track record of on time payments, new business owners are at a disadvantage pursuing those routes to ease the pressure on cash flow. A business cash advance can help improve your company’s position when you do apply for a loan or line of credit, most likely resulting in better terms and interest rate.

A business cash advance from US Business Finance Corp gives a proprietor the safety net of cash in the bank to pay invoices on time, not be at the mercy of a normal month’s short-term up and down sales cycles. Instead, the cash advance, since it does not have a fixed payment schedule like a loan, is paid back from the monthly sales. The effect of ups and downs of the company’s sales do not negatively affect the cash advance payback if the overall averages stay the same as the months prior to receiving the cash advance.

In fact, if business picks up, you benefit by your increased credit card sales causing the cash advance to be paid off sooner and without incurring any pre-payment penalty.

Since each late payment can negatively impact your credit score 20 points or more, your financial cushion provided by the cash advance preserves your good credit score and while you build a 6 month, 1 year or, even better, a 2 year track record (using a series of advances), your credit score improves. By using your cash advances to create a sterling on-time bill paying record, you also avoid the line of credit’s or business loan/s affect on your credit score.

Also with a solid payment history, you do not signal to a business or bank contemplating providing your business with credit or financing that you are a new company struggling to meet its bills. By protecting your credit through a US Business Finance Corp cash advance you may better qualify for the lower interest loans that always go to businesses with the most solid business history. Create a great business foundation with a history of successful cash advance investments.

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