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Merchant Cash Advance Companies Missing The Banks’ Pain

While banks seek federal bailout funds to stay in business, merchant cash advance companies continue to make sunshine in the form of company cash advances so businesses can make hay … or sales or needed infrastructure upgrades or inventory increases.

While banks suffer from the repercussions of making loans to the wrong people, merchant cash advance companies continue to follow their business plan of providing cash advances to small and mid-sized businesses based on average monthly credit card sales. Without needing inexperienced financial meddling from Washington to make the situation “better”.

At a time in America’s economic history when credit is hard to obtain, even by solid business ventures that formerly had no problem accessing loans and lines of credit, merchant cash advances are providing the pressure relief valve on the capital markets. In an up or down economy, business goes on – just the pace of business adjusts to the opportunities and setbacks. Sometimes the “invisible hand” of the marketplace seems to be pushing and sometimes holding a business back.

US Business Finance Corp works with business owners to provide a capital infusion in a timely manner, only secured by promise of repayment from future MasterCard and Visa credit card sales. The amount of the business cash advance is derived from the average sales of the last several months. Differing from loans, the merchant cash advance company takes on the risk of the advance – the owner does not provide any personal or business assets or equity as collateral for this form of alternative business funding.

Merchant cash advances work as a pressure relief valve in several ways:
– the business gets a fast cash infusion to meet financial emergencies, inventory outlays or due invoices,

  • the business owner does not take on additional risk to obtain the alternative funding,
  • no fixed payments are due,
  • no late penalties are ever charged, and
  • no collection calls are ever placed.

Since the merchant cash advance is repaid with a small percent of the MasterCard and Visa credit card sales over the next six to nine months, there is no fixed payment schedule or amount. With no fixed payment schedule, the business owner can not be late making repayments – hence no late charges or collection calls!

If you are looking to improve you businesses cash flow and connect your business with a secure, trusted and readily available alternative business funding avenue, contact the small business pros at US Business Finance Corp. We explain the benefits your company receives and how easily it is to apply – and to repay. Don’t wait for the banks to fix their problems when your problems need fixing today!

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