Business Cash Advance & Business Financing Alternatives 

Small Business Financial Services For Short and Long-term Planning

Where US Business Finance Corp’s credit card processing services and merchant cash advance programs serve business owners’ more immediate sales, credit and funding needs, our new financial services address the success of your long range retirement plans. The financial advisers at US Business Finance Corp (USBFC) have worked with enough self-employed entrepreneurs and sole proprietors to know that owners are often are so busy working that they fail to make time for creating a retirement plan.

With the stock market devaluation and Washington’s questionable ability to have Social Security meet the surge in its retirement obligations due to Baby Boomers exiting the workforce en masse in the next decade, many business owners and their employees are looking to their own devices to assure themselves of a beneficial quality of life during retirement.

For retirement purposes, USBFC has added Private Employer Benefit plans to its financial services. Additional tools for meeting unexpected economic reversals that USBFC offers are life insurance, mortgage insurance and critical illness insurance – these help business owners’ families continue to live in their home and bills get paid should anything untimely happen to the owner.

To assist an entrepreneurs needs as well as those of their business, USBFC advisers take into account the company’s budget and needs for insurance, tax liabilities, potential areas of tax deferment, retirement plans as well as the family’s education funding and estate planning needs. USBFC views your retirement plan as a way to get the most out of your most precious asset: your time. By creating a retirement plan for you and your employees, the time you spend building your business rewards you doubly by also funding your retirement.

At USBFC, we work with you to make sure your business avoids the setbacks that employees of major corporations face when their retirement programs disappear in financial reorganizations. Entrepreneurs enjoy running small businesses in order to better control the dynamics between work and profit. Control your retirement plans and deferred compensation strategy, contact USBFC’s financial services advisers and match your business to a suitable, stable Private Employer Benefit plan today.

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