Business Cash Advance & Business Financing Alternatives 

Small Business Financing For Hair Salons

Many budding entrepreneurs open their own hair salons and look for ways to expand their businesses after their initial success. However, like many business owners before them, their ability to raise operating capital through traditional lending institutions such as banks is not very promising. US Business Finance Corp has alternative financing solutions to fund the operating capital needs of hair and beauty salons.

US Business Finance Corp’s customer service begins with offering very competitive rates on Visa and MasterCard merchant credit card processing services. With our credit card processing services comes the ability to collect cash on future credit card sales. The benefit of a merchant cash advance over a traditional loan is owners do not have to offer assets of the hair salon or their home as collateral to secure the funds. Since the cash advance is a sale of future hair salon credit card transactions, not a loan, their is no fixed end date, no late fees and no monthly lump sum due – the payments are made a little bit at a time out of a percentage of the sale.

A business cash advance performs better for the hair salon owner than cash advances on their credit card since the fee for our merchant cash advance is a fixed amount. US Business Finance Corp takes on the risk of the merchant cash advance. Owners who rely on their credit cards for cash advances not only pay high interest rates, but, if they don’t pay off the credit card advance quickly, end up paying a very high dollar amount of interest since the credit cards do not demand the principal of the advance get paid in a timely manner. You may end up paying your personal or business credit card company 2 or 3 times the amount of the original advance versus the fixed amount of a merchant cash advance!

If you are ready to stock your hair salon with inventory for the coming holiday season or are looking to buy more equipment or advertising to expand business, rely on US Business Finance Corp to get you a merchant cash advance that helps you meet your financial and business goals. Contact our small business alternative financing experts today to see what business cash advances can do for your hair salon!

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