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Visa Expands to Asia Pacific and Middle East

Merchants can now accept Visa debit cards in far reaching places such as Mauritius, Philippines and Australia due to a recent agreement between Visa and HSBC, one of the world’s largest banking and financial services companies. In the year ending June 2008, Visa debit cards represented over $2.1 trillion in financial transactions. US Business Finance Corp helps North American companies obtain Visa and MasterCard merchant accounts to partake in this large sector of financial payments.

US Business Finance Corp utilizes its network of Visa and MasterCard processing services contacts to help businesses, especially high risk businesses, obtain merchant accounts. Many processing services offer great rates to businesses with rock solid financial histories, but have no place in their portfolios for start-up businesses, Internet businesses and other enterprises categorized as “high risk”. Or the processors severely penalize the businesses with very high “hold backs” – your business’s sales revenue held in reserve by the financial institution as a security against returns and reversed charges. To add insult to injury, the rate for high risk accounts is often much higher than what a credit card processing service that specializes in high risk accounts charges.

When the current economic climate hinders new businesses from getting merchant accounts or short-term financial loans, US Business Finance Corp has a two pronged assistance package: help in obtaining a merchant credit card account at the best rates, and assistance in securing merchant cash advances to fill in the gaps of your cash flow.

When looking for the open door in the credit markets, be sure to contact the alternative financing experts at US Business Finance Corp and see how our “win-win” solutions can put you in the driver’s seat of your business.

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