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US Business Finance helps new businesses get account approval and begin taking credit cards. Our team specializes in high risk accounts, such as a new account, get accepted.

Apply For High Risk Account

In applying for a high risk merchant credit card processing service account, it is crucial to meet underwriting specifications. US Business Finance assists business owners apply for medium risk to high risk accounts.

Accepting Credit Cards Even If High Risk

High risk credit card purchases account for some of the most profitable sales. Even if a high risk account, accepting credit cards is a sales opportunity. US Business Finance helps set up high risk merchant accounts.

High Risk Merchant Credit Card Application Form

High Risk Credit Card Qualification

In the last few years, many merchants pursuing their company Merchant Account were often declined because of the "Merchant Type" category.

Also, normal main stream banks declined any merchants who didn’t fit the strict criteria of:

    1. 2 years in business
    2. 100% swipe
    3. Store Front
    4. Good credit

However, many of the "middle risk" merchants found themselves lumped into the higher risk and sometimes "extreme risk" merchant category, causing them to pay higher rates than their situation warranted and answering to higher scrutiny than necessary.

If you think your business might fall into the High or Middle Risk category then Click Here to learn more or:

Apply to Get Approved Now!!!

Merchant Credit Card Processing Online Application Form

* First Name
* Last Name
* Company
* E-mail
* Phone
Zip Code
* Length Of Time In Business
* Are you currently processing?
* Gross Monthly Sales
* Type Of Business
* Average Sale Amount
Sales rep name (if you have one)

Please Note: The personal information you supply will be used for the purpose of qualifying you as a merchant account. This information is held in the strictest confidence and is never sold, rented, or shared with any other business or third party.

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