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Cash Advance Application

Download our Business Cash Advance Application and start your process to quickly get business working capital.

Merchant Credit Card Accounts

US Business Finance Corp assists business owners find credit card processing services for low risk, medium risk and high risk merchant accounts.

Accounts Receivable Factoring

Have a large order to fill, but the payments are not in? We can work with work with factoring your A/R receivables to provide the needed cash now!

Business Cash Advance Q & A

Cash Advance Programs - Immediate Funding Based on Visa/MasterCard Sales

Alternative financing is funding provided by a source other than a bank. Traditional loan and financing options include conditions that require an amortization table, interest rates, set payments, collateral, assets, credit requirements, personal guarantees and longer application time frames.

Alternative financing does not have those requirements. Our merchants typically have immediate plans to advertise, expand, renovate, pay off debt, or have emergency situations, want a cash reserve - all from a funding source that does not negatively impact their credit status or debt balance.

Who uses business cash advances?

Our retail merchants tend to be looking for additional working capital within the next 30 days. Often, due to the nature of their business, such as restaurants, they have an uphill battle getting traditional loans from banks. Financial relief begins when they contact us to find out realistic lending alternatives are available for them.

What advantages do people find with business cash advances?

Immediate Cash to support...
Growth and Expansion
Increase Inventory or staff to meet market needs
Additional Staff

When your business is slow...
Working Capital to bridge during slow times
Meet Payroll expenses and taxes
Marketing expenses to increase business

Emergency business situations need the timeliness of Cash Advances for...
IRS or Sales Tax payments
Landlord or Back Rent

How does merchant credit card funding advance?

Instead of charging interest, we buy a small business's future credit card receipts at a discount. The first step is filling out our Business Cash Advance Application form and fax it to us. Once your cash advance application is approved, the cash advanced is wired directly into the business owner's bank account.

The process usually takes 5 - 10 business days from application to the fund deposit. Our business customers enjoy an 94% success rate in obtaining funds. Following delivery of the cash advance, the business owner repays the advance and our fee by paying a slightly higher credit card processing discount rate for the term of the advance usually 6 months, 12 months at the longest.