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Download our Business Cash Advance Application and start your process to quickly get business working capital.

Merchant Credit Card Accounts

US Business Finance Corp assists business owners find credit card processing services for low risk, medium risk and high risk merchant accounts.

Accounts Receivable Factoring

Have a large order to fill, but the payments are not in? We can work with factoring your A/R receivables to provide the needed cash now!

Working Capital Finance for Businesses

It takes a lot of time and money to run a business, especially in the beginning stages. Many merchants and store owners find that they need a new business loan in order to help with operating expenses. Sometimes the bank will not lend the funds needed in order to achieve your goals. Where do you turn to get the money? Why contact US Business Finance Corp?

Fortunately there is something called working capital finance that is especially designed for small and medium size businesses. US Business Finance Corp takes a look at a business' current operational costs in contrast to its profit, to ensure that the business will continue to thrive. Based on various things such as accounts receivables and future receivables, a loan can be granted. There are many formulas used to calculate the working capital of a business, and in basic terms any lender wants to be sure that your business will make enough income to repay the loan it is granted.

Some other very important aspects considered in working capital finance is your business' industry type, credit worthiness of your customers, how fast invoices are turned over and you receive payments from your customers, and other factors. All money in business flows in a cycle, and the money that others owe you on goods and services can be an asset when you need to borrow from a different source.

When we look at your future receivables, we calculate how much working capital your business has and makes a lending decision based on those numbers. Working capital is a great asset because it shows both a strong staying power and a steady income flow. By showing financial institutions and commercial lenders valid documentation, thorough backup information, and proof that the business is strong and profiting, working capital finance is a great alternative for businesses who are unable to get a loan from a traditional bank.