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Benefits of Cash Advances

Can your business benefit from a cash advance? US Business Finance can fulfill your business working capital needs with company cash advance.

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Benefits of Business Cash Advances

Business Cash Advances Leading to Improved Cash Flow

The benefit of a cash advance for your company is that the repayment is from future sales paid for with a VISA or MasterCard. US Business Finance Corp is only paid when you make a credit card sale. Other benefits to you from a cash advance are:

  • You are not affected in your ability to qualify for other financing
  • You can put the cash advance funds to any business need - advertising, renovating, its your choice
  • Our state-of-the-art secure processing systems maximizes your transaction's safety
  • Best of all, our Customer Support is available all day, all week, all year

The Cash Flow Problem:

The quickest, most assured way to a successful business is a to have positive cash flow as soon as possible. In small companies, cash is measured through:
> Day -To-Day Operations
> A personal cash infusion or cash from other investment sources
> Traditional financial lending institutions such as credit unions, banks, debt financing, or selling equity in the business through stock issues.

Normally, cash flow might be maintained through small business loans and financing. But when cash runs low or disappears entirely, it is nigh on impossible to stay in business, regardless of your future business prospects. Getting a business loan before the cash crisis is much easier than trying to get one when you really need it, but sometimes the crisis is not always foreseeable.

Attempting to obtain funding from lenders during straightened circumstances is difficult because lenders have reason to believe you won't have the ability to meet the loan's repayment terms. Having the required collateral also is a high hurdle to clear. When lending possibilities with banks cease, business owners usually turn to the possibility of an unsecured business cash advance. A benefit of a business cash advance is that no collateral is called for. A company cash advance is funded on your past credit history, current amount of credit card processing, and your business's repayment potential based on estimated future sales.

US Business Finance Corp Specializes in Helping Small Businesses in Tight Situations

A business cash advance makes getting funds for your company not only possible, but with a much quicker accessibility to the funds. The process from application to approval is much shorter than the loan process and the requirements for approval are more flexible.

In the last several years, the idea of a business cash advance has gained wider acceptance among small business entrepreneurs. Their high popularity is due in part to the many entrepreneurs who have contacted us and used the cash advances and learned to trust in the process and its ability to allow them to obtain fast access to operating capital. Company cash advances have proven to be a reliable and safe option to traditional business lending possibilities.

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