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Benefits of Cash Advances

Can your business benefit from a cash advance? US Business Finance can fulfill your company's operating capital needs with a company cash advance.

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US Business Finance Corp's business finance pros are experienced in providing companies with cash advance and business loans.

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Contact US Business Finance to help you secure a commercial real estate loan.

Business Debt Consolidation

Business Debt Consolidation To Improve The Health of Your Business

Many businesses find themselves getting into debts that they simply cannot handle. Have you experienced that cascading effect of debts building up and debt payments dangerously eating into your cash flow? Not to cause you indigestion, but do these look familiar?

  • Federal Tax payment structure
  • Equipment Vendor payment
  • Business charge card payments
  • Business vehicle monthly payments
  • Back lease/rent payment
  • Back Mortgage payments
  • Old utilities bills
  • Old Received inventory payment

Not only does this happen to the average consumer, but companies often suffer from business debt as well. Fortunately, there are a great number of programs available that offer business debt consolidation. These programs can help you to assess what your business can afford to take out of its cash flow in order to help satisfy your debtors and stay afloat. These financial programs can also help to work out a payment plan and possibly lower your business' current interest rates.

One of the most common problems with business debt is that a company can end up losing valuable assets and merchandise if they try to raise cash quickly and find their only option is to liquidate (sell inventory or business assets for cash), sometimes at under market, quick-sale prices. Bankruptcy can even occur if they cannot settle their debts in a timely manner. With business debt consolidation, your assets are protected, saving you from the pain and embarrassment of forced liquidation.

Finding a Win-win Solution For Your Business's Financial Situation

Finding working capital that has a short-term repayment schedule may be just the answer. The US Business Finance team will work with your CPA or bookkeeper to describe the program and determine with you "Does this program present your best current option?"

There are many reasons why one should manage their debt in an effective manner. When it comes to getting your business out of debt, we have offered debt consolidation as a beneficial move - taking all of your miscellaneous debts and combining them into one debt. One simple, single monthly payment can be made, making accounting and keeping track of everything on the financial side much easier.

In addition, business debt consolidation can get creditors off your phone and back, allowing you to spend more time on making important business decisions, dealing with your daily company operations and to resting easier at night. Putting your attention on constructive business activities in turn helps your business grow. You are no longer using up valuable time talking to the bank, your accountant, or bill collectors. By consolidating debt, nothing is lost and everything remains in good standing, while you build a reputation of solid credit and honest repayment. In many cases, as hard as it may seem to believe, you may end up owing less over time than you would have originally when participating in business debt consolidation.

US Business Finance Corp's Can Help You With Your Business Debt Consolidation

The US Business Finance team can help consider and weigh the financial options open to you in order to secure the capital necessary to consolidate your business debts. Our professionals guide you through any application steps in order to get you the cash necessary to put your debts in order. If you have any questions, please contact us before you waste more of your valuable time dealing with less understanding creditors.

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