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Benefits of Cash Advances

Can your business benefit from a cash advance? US Business Finance can fulfill your business working capital needs with company cash advance.

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Alternative Business Financing

Alternative Business Financing - The Engine Behind Small Business Success

It is the American dream, among many, to own a business. Many first-time entrepreneurs find themselves thinking up wonderful and creative ideas that solve problems or take advantage of opportunities presented by new market niches. As a business owner, they do their homework and draw up big plans for the future enterprise.

While a lot of people think big, it can be very difficult to realize their business plans if they cannot get a business loan or investors who will buy into their vision. Many would-be business owners have discussed plans with friends and family member only to be ridiculed and shot down. If they hold onto their dream and survive their first initiation by fire, their next step would be to jump into the frying pan and investigate the world of "professional financial lending institutions".

Business loans are very hard to obtain from banks, particularly for people who are just starting out and have little to no track record since banks usually leave risky new business loans to venture capitalists. There are quite a few requirements that banks usually have in order to fund large business loans. Primarily, they look for business owners who already have established a business for 2 years prior to requesting the loan. Other requirements include having a high credit score, good credit history, asking for a loan under $100,000, and the business owner must have collateral equal to or greater than the amount requested. In addition to the above information, the loan application to approval process is generally a very time consuming endeavor - you need the money more than the bank needs to lend it.

The Alternative Financing Option

Alternative financing refers to getting business working capital from a source that is different from a bank, credit union or traditional financial lending institution whose actual cash may come from a "Wall Street" type investment firm, for example: Goldman Sachs.

Fortunately, US Business Finance Corp has several forms of alternative business financing available for entrepreneurs who need an extra financial boost to get their businesses off the ground and running. The first is called a business cash advance.

In a cash advance situation, a lender takes all of the business' proceeds from future credit card sales and purchases them from the business owner, then sells them to other businesses at a discounted rate. This benefits the business owner because they receive money from future sales as an advance, allowing them to capitalize quickly and not be at the mercy of changing interest rates or large repayment amounts.

Draw On US Business Finance Corp's Alternative Financing Expertise To Help Your Business

The US Business Finance team is able to help you secure alternative financing for your company and get a cash advance, small business loan or help your with factoring your accounts receivables. Our professionals guide you through all the needed application steps in order to get you get capitalized quickly. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us and get started toward a better financial future.

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