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Download our Business Cash Advance Application and quickly get your company operating capital.

Merchant Credit Card Accounts

US Business Finance Corp can help you find a merchant credit card processor, including for high risk merchant accounts.

Small Business Loans

Use a Cash Advance as part of your capitalizing strategy while going through the lengthier process of obtaining a small business loan.

Cash Advance Business Resources

Improving cash flow for your small business with cash advances

A small businesses financial needs come in many ways and US Business Finance Corp knows from experience that "off the shelf" answers are not usually the answer. Our financial experts listen to your unique business situation and then go over the various benefits of business cash advances, accounts receivable factoring, business debt consolidation and small business loans. After weighing the pros and cons of each option, we can help you implement your financial strategy.

If you have any questions how we can get you operating capital for your business with:

  • No Personal Guarantees or Collateral
  • Pre-approval within 24 Hours and Cash within 7 Business Days
  • No Liens, Fees or Points

Contact us and we will help you apply in Less Than 10 Minutes!

We have helped many entrepreneurs improve their Cash Flow using a percentage of their future VISA/MasterCard receipts to repay our funding. You pay us only when you make a sale. Does it get better than that? Yes! Our funding does not affect your ability to successfully raise capital from other avenues, such as business loans.

Our premier business financing program allows you to use your Business Cash Advance for any business purpose. US Business Finance uses only state-of-the-art highly secured credit card processing systems to maximize you VISA/MasterCard transactions' security. Our Customer Support is available 24/7 - 365 Days a Year. We are in business to keep you in business!

Additional Resources
For additional Merchant Resources, please visit our News Section and our Financial Blog.

Accounts Receivable Factoring

This type of financing (A/R factoring) has been around for decades and is often the best solution or simplest solution for handling a variety of a company's low cash situations. Accounts receivable factoring allows a business to collect funds for a sale that is waiting for the buyer's payment before the full collection period (usually 30 - 90 days) has passed.

A business cash advance is not factoring as such, but a future factoring-type product. It offers some distinct benefits to a willing and qualified merchant prospect. One of many benefits to a merchant is that a cash advance allows them to cash-in on their future credit and debit card sales. Factoring necessitates a sale of products or services to be made first, so that the business has an outstanding, uncollected invoice to factor - a Business Cash Advance removes this condition.

Alternative Business Financing

Alternative financing refers to a small businesses ability to get business operating capital from a source outside the regular or traditional banking routes. Though, the actual cash from the banks actually is borrowed from a "Wall Street" type of financial or investment firm.

Opportunely, there are several types of alternative business financing available for business owners who need that extra boost to lift their businesses off the ground and get up and running. The first is called a company or business cash advance. In its essence, a financial lender purchases all of the business' proceeds from predicted future credit card sales and then sells them to other investment houses at a discounted rate. Cash advances are a financial help to a small business owner because they can receive their future sales income money as an advance, allowing them to receive money quickly and not have the worries loans entail such as interest rates, collateral or large loan payment amounts.

Business Debt Consolidation

One of the most common problems with business debt is that the small business owner can lose tremendous equity in the company if it is forced to sell valuable assets and merchandise at liquidation or distress sale pricing in order to raise cash. Uncontrolled business debt can even cause bankruptcy to occur if creditors deem that the company's debts won't be honored in the proscribed time period. Your business assets are protected with a business debt consolidation, saving you from the pain and embarrassment of a forced sale or bankruptcy.

Finding quickly available operating capital with a short-term repayment schedule might just be the answer. Our team will work with you and your bookkeeper or accountant to describe how our company cash advance program works and, after reviewing the potential benefits, determine with you if indeed the cash advance program is the best financial option for your business.

Credit Card Processors

Most Merchant Business owners who have VISA/MasterCard merchant credit card accounts to expand the sale of their products or services enter into an agreement with a bank card processor. The credit card processor provides all the financial services necessary, including providing merchants the credit card processing equipment, to manage credit card transactions allowing a merchant to quickly incorporating the use of credit cards in their day-to-day operations.

Depending on your company's financial specifics, most small businesses are able to pick and choose among different packages offered by credit card processors to choose with whom they will work. Credit card processors have various rates, package deals, or other bonus services that you should definitely to check thoroughly and compare before you make your processor decision. Since the majority of payments made to a business owner are through the use of credit cards, choosing a processor should be taken very seriously.

Increase and Improve Cash Flow

Every company's life blood is its cash flow. It is the measure to determine a business's financial health. On the flip side of the coin, if there isn't a cash flow, there is no business! The science and art of business for any entrepreneur is to manage their cash flow to the best interest and benefit of the company.

If you plan to expand your business, renovate your brick and mortar establishment, purchase new business equipment, advertise to expand your market, or just need more operating capital readily at hand, our business cash advance program may just be the best funding option available for your business.

Small Business Loans

Business loans refer to any money that is lent by a private investor or investor group or a public financial institution (like a bank or credit union) to a company to be used by the business to pay for various business needs. The business loan are paid back to the lender according to a monthly schedule of payments usually consisting of principle and interest, unless it is a balloon loan where most of the principal is paid at the end of the loan. Commercial loans to businesses have been used for thousands of years and are a standard capital raising business practice for many small businesses. Capital raised from a business loan can be used for any corporate need and, in the case of some loans, the lender requires their loan money be only used for very specific purposes.

Buying Out a Partner

Small businesses are often formed by partnerships due to a partnership's efficient manner of bringing talent into startup business for a relatively low cost. At some point, one partner may have a change of heart, plans or career intentions or moves on in an eternal sense and his contract calls for his spouse to be bought out of his share. However the situation, when the buy-out option needs to be exercised, time as well as price are the top considerations. The problem then becomes "How can the buy out be financed?"

A variety of factors need to be addressed when buying out a partner. How much money must be raised for the buy out? Will the buyout be for all or just for a percent of the partner's share of the business? How long will it take to recoup the return on investment of the buy out?

Most of all, where will the necessary buy-out capital come from? The first thought, local bank, may not be an option in many cases, depending on how the business was run, especially for a new company. Banks like stable organizations and a partner's departure may automatically disqualify you from getting the needed capital.

In the experience of US Business Finance Corp, a business cash advance is a very effective program to use in a buy-out situation. Why? Because the cash advance treats your already existing sales flow as an asset on which you can capitalize.

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