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Small Business Trade Groups – A Boost For Company Owners

Trade groups and small business associations offer many benefits to entrepreneurs. Organizations from the federal government, national business associations to state and city level trade associations offer financial, legal and marketing information. Business associations can also be doorways to discounts for office equipment, transportation expenses and employee health care programs. Federal Small Business Help. Many […]

Four Keys to Hiring For Small Businesses

Hiring employees is an important step in the process of building your business. When helping companies position their company for a small business loan and update their business plan, US Business Finance Corp puts particular attention on the employees and management – a key potential strength for any business. Sometimes it seems that a minor […]

Guidelines to Scoping Your Small Business’s Competition

Competition is often the springboard that helpfully drives companies from their comfort zone into a more profitable zone of increased marketing and customer service. Assessing your competitions’ weakness and strengths helps business owners reflect on where beneficial changes can be made in their own companies. US Business Finance Corp helps clients prepare an assessment of […]

Is Your New Business Clear of Non-compete Clause Challenges?

Starting your own new business because your old employer opted not to pursue a market opportunity? Be careful to check with a lawyer about non-compete laws and your employment contract’s non-compete clause. Large companies often caught between pursuing their traditional markets and risking a change of focus to take advantage of new, possibly lucrative, markets […]

Strategies For Borrowing Operating Capital

Expanding a small business means having more operating capital to increase needed office and production equipment, sales inventory, advertising and employees. When viewing the different business financing programs for accessing operating capital, you find two avenues – one the traditional funding from bank loans or SBA-backed financing and the other is alternative financing such as […]

SBA Tools Helping Small Business Owners

Small business owners do not have to reinvent the wheel when starting their own business. The Small Business Administration (SBA) has a number of online tools to help jump start your entrepreneurial enterprise. The SBA website has, besides information on SBA loans,  industry and commerce reports, sample business plans for different industries, and checklists of […]