Business Cash Advance & Business Financing Alternatives 

Cash Advances for Medical Debt Consolidation

Why live with the additional stress of your medical practices overdue bills when alternative financing, such as business cash advances can help to consolidate debt, improve your operating capital and give you more time to devote to your patients? US Business Finance Corp specializes in helping physicians’ medical practices improve their operating capital with business cash advances.

Our business cash advance programs, like a financial antacid, relieve troubled operating capital problems. With a high approval ratio, fast approval time, and efficient funding process – you won’t need to call us in the morning. Better still, our cash advance does not affect your credit rating or balance sheet – if anything, by consolidating your debt and bringing your payments up-to-date, a cash advance improves your credit score!

Business Cash Advances Used For Financial Positioning

Business cash advances have been successfully used by small medical practices to position themselves for traditional bank loans by bringing your bills up-to-date, improving your credit score, not placing a security interest against your accounts receivables, not using your medical equipment for collateral and not needing your personal guarantee. However, physicians have found theĀ  business cash advance as a necessary and very helpful interim step to consolidate debt and bring a greater level of control to their financial picture.

US Business Finance Corp’s cash advances simply uses a pledge of a percentage of your medical practice’s future MasterCard and Visa sales to reimburse the cash advance. Based on your medical practice’s monthly Visa/MasterCard receipts, the amount of funding through cash advances ranges from $2,500 to $1 million.

At US Business Finance Corp, we strive to help physicians focus on the ills of their patients, not their financial ills. Call us today and let’s get your financial antacid – our business cash advance – working for your medical practice!

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