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Cash Advances Compare Favorably Vs. Loans

Getting your business cash advances from US Business Finance Corp provides your enterprise needed operating capital. As an alternative lender, US Business Finance Corp provides business cash advances to small businesses all over America. Our clients have usually compared various cash advance offerings before choosing out program. There are certain areas we encourage potential clients to review so they know we built our business cash advance programs for maximum benefit of our clients.

When comparing cash advances make sure your read all the information in the application or any attendant “terms and conditions” pages. Any hidden charges, like closing fees or processing fees are usually tucked in the fine print.

Our cash advances are repaid with a percentage of future Visa and MasterCard sales transactions, so there is no fixed payment plan either in terms of length of time or amount to be paid in a given month. Cash advances do not introduce the pressure to make large monthly lump sum payments that commercial mortgages or business loans do.

US Business Finance Corp does not require collateral, documentation similar to loan packages, or a review of your company’s financial statement. We base our cash advance approval on a minimal time in business and your average monthly credit card sales.

Contact US Business Finance Corp to see how fast our business cash advance can help your business. We also provide superb merchant credit card processing services to help small businesses start-up and succeed as quickly as possible.

If your business is starting out or is in a field that is considered high risk, such as Internet sales using credit cards, please contact us to see how we can help you succeed. We specialize in helping business owners obtain merchant credit card accounts and help high risk businesses train their workers in the ways to protect their merchant status, handle various customer situations and, of course, the best way to enter sales. Once your new business is up and running with a short track record of sales, we can help you obtain cash advances to help you grow your business faster.

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