Business Cash Advance & Business Financing Alternatives 

Who Is Holding Your Company’s Funds?

US Business Finance Corp works with our merchant credit card account clients to make sure they have their Visa and MasterCard sales funds into their bank accounts the next day. We understand that some banks and credit card processors hold on to your company’s money for two or three extra days, letting your funds make them money. We want to see your businesses quickly have access to your company’s funds.

For our clients who have a merchant cash advance on their future Visa and MasterCard credit card sales, there is a natural delay in the process, however that balances out with the fact the store owner received their funds on those sales sometimes months in advance!

If your bank is causing additional delays, which many are tempted to do in the current tight credit atmosphere, talk to them. If they have a hard time helping your business succeed, you may want to look for a more business-friendly bank. Banks that hold on to your funds for 24 or more extra hours are in effect creating a temporary 100% reserve on your funds! And you don’t receive the interest – they do.

Make sure you know who is holding, or holding up, your merchant credit card sales funding! If your funds take too long to find their way home or you are interested in the leverage a merchant cash advance can bring to your company, call the credit card processing services experts or the alternative financing team at US Business Finance Corp. We want to see you get as much of your credit card sales funds as possible and as quickly as possible.

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