Business Cash Advance & Business Financing Alternatives 

Merchant Cash Advances Dodge Tightening Credit Markets

Merchant cash advances are proving to be an alternative business financing avenue allowing small business owners to dodge the tightening credit markets. Tight credit markets are affecting the national economy and hampering many companies’ ability to carry on business as usual. CFO magazine reported that many business owners are finding “it costs more to borrow; banks are less able to make lending decisions and commitments; and that banks are also less flexible.”

For many business owners trying to meet payment deadlines, payroll or periodic tax payments, the need to keep the working capital coffers full is often a timely dance. Business cash advances, even in a tight credit market, have the ability to get approved and funded within 5 to 8 working days. Far faster than traditional lending routes.

Business cash advances are never subject to the possibility of inverse loan situations – where a business owner leverages their real estate for financing and reversals in the local real estate market cause their property’s value to fall below the amount of their commercial real estate loan. If Visa and MasterCard sales, which are used to repay the business cash advance slow down, it simply means the cash advance is paid off over a longer period of time.

No late fees, no collection calls and no hassles.

Business cash advances are structured to help business owners get ahead in a business climate that makes traditional lending routes not feasible. Contact the business cash advance team at US Business Finance Corp to see how quickly your working capital levels can benefit from a merchant cash advance. Be ready for your selling season, whatever the holiday or opportunity!

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