Business Cash Advance & Business Financing Alternatives 

High-Risk Credit Card Processing

High-risk Credit Card ProcessingDo you like the very profitable returns of owning a good business that is considered “High-Risk” by the credit card processing companies? However, due to the fact that you own such a business, you may have a hard time securing quality processing at a fair price. US Business Finance Corp has a division that will assist  you in seeking high-risk credit card processing services. If you have experienced getting declined by processors that reduce their risk by only accepting low-risk merchants, please consider working with our team of professionals in your search for high-risk credit card processing solutions.

You may think that high-risk the business category is reserved for companies that sell questonable products, door-to-door products or fortune tellers, but very ‘normal” businesses such as mortgage services, telecommunications equipment sales, travel, gun shops, auto rental, weightloss centers and wholesale clubs are considered high-risk.

Normally, high-risk credit card merchant account owners will pay 1 to 3 percent higher fees for their processing service, though your rates can be reduced after creating a 6 month or longer history of credit card processing transactions. US Business Finance Corp shows our clients how to establish a very good credit history and how to keep their merchant profile squeaky clean.

Another incentive to keeping your profile straight and your credit history in great shape is that high-risk merchants may negotiate an end to the daily reserve requirements. The daily reserve requirement is money held by the bank as insurance against possible charge backs. Risk is inherent in businesses and obviously it is greater with high-risk credit card merchant accounts. However, by following the credit card processing company’s guidelines, merchants can take easy steps to mitigate the risks of their business.

Our processors will train our clients’ employees how to avoid common mistakes that hurt the business’s credit history or merchant profile. Seemingly innocent mistakes can have large repercussions to the merchant profile.

We approach high-risk credit card processing from the merchant’s perspective; we connect merchants to processors who use the highest security measures available. Our intent is to build lasting relationships with our clients.

After your credit card processing services are met, you may find yourself in need of additional working capital. All business owners will need short-term working capital at some stage of the business cycle. US Business Finance Corp can help solve short-term cash needs with a business cash advance. These funds will assist you with any needs you can think of, for example: business equipment financing, inventory purchases, back taxes, and unscheduled maintenance challenges.

Cash Advances – Using Debt To Your Advantage

Finance Business - Cash AdvanceNew businesses usually incur debt to cover their start-up cash outlays. Once personal savings are tapped, many business owners are not aware of the company cash advance programs that alternative financing lenders offer. Usually the business owners start exploring the available programs for operating capital that banks, credit unions and traditional lending institutions offer. Many times this old path leads to a brick wall.

They soon realize that not having a two year track record of business puts them at a disadvantage for commanding the best interest rates and terms. And suddenly everything they have invested in their business is seen as collateral to secure the loan. It is at that point that they start investigating the alternative business funding opportunities that companies like US Business Finance Corp have. US Business Finance has a mission to assist small businesses get the professional support and financial lending opportunities that more established businesses enjoy.

Small business owners can have access to cash based on their business’ record of sales.

The more entrepreneurial-spirited a business owner is, the bigger their dreams, their risks and their eventual rewards. It is that element of risk that, though making a small business worthwhile, also makes banks resistant to them. US Business Finance Corp offer programs, such as company cash advances, that help entrepreneurs gain access to operating capital fast – without using everything they have put into their company as collateral.

US Business Finance understands that there is “bad debt” that can hurt a company even as it provides operating capital for near term expenses. Bad debt is simply borrowed money that does not provide a way for is repayment. As Eli Goldratt pointed out, “Most small businesses fail because they fixed the wrong problem.” Our company cash advance program falls in the category of “good debt” since it both provides a way for its repayment at the same time that it provides cash to increase business through increased marketing, inventory or facility expansion. A cash advance is a win-win option.

In the sense of the company’s balance sheet, a company cash advance is an invisible asset. Since it is not a loan, it does not show up as a liability, but the cash appears on the beneficial side of the ledger. A portion of future V/MC credit card sales repays the cash advance over a relatively short period of time.

If you are a business owner in one of the typically underserved types of business such as restaurants, independent bookstores, used car dealers, or educational seminar trainer US Business Finance Corp has experience helping businesses like your turn their future sales into a cash advance to meet current business needs. Let US Business Finance Corp help your company bridge its current business to future growth.

Small Business Funding – An Array of Business Financing Options

As a business owner you know that when raising operating capital, several small business funding possibilities exist. Sage business advice says to learn about all the avenues before settling on one. Human nature tends to lead business owners down the comfortable and known path, which may not be the best business option. It pays to be oopen to new business financing options.

Cash advances are a great alternative business funding program in which US Business Finance Corp specializes. This unique option offers business owners funding that does not need collateral or receivables to cover it. The advance is paid back through future V/MC credit card sales.

You are probably familiar with personal home loans using the owner’s real estate equity as a traditional way to raise capital. The drawback of the personal loan is that if the business fails or goes through a rough patch, the owner’s home is then at risk. Cash advances and other methods of business funding offer protection for the owner’s personal assets, while still providing the necessary operating capital.

For larger capital needs, US Business Finance also helps business owners secure business loans and Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. SBA loans are guaranteed to a certain percentage of the loan by the federal government, so they have a slightly higher interest rate than a standard business loan.

Another loan program business owners can use to build equity in their business is a commercial real estate loan. US Business Finance helps businesses not only apply for a commercial loan, but helps them create a business presentation supporting the application and utilizes their network of lending institutions to give business owners the best possible chance of success landing their commercial mortgage at the best terms.

Accounts receivables and factoring are similar programs that offer business owners a way of collecting business funding at a discount by either pledging their receivables as security, or selling their receivables outright in factoring.

Let the professionals at US Business Finance Corp go over your specific business funding needs and apprise you of how each of these funding options can be used in your business and help evaluate which ones best fit your immediate and long-term needs. US Business Finance is dedicated to helping small businesses achieve financial success by providing them with the best business funding solutions. Contact us for the best service and programs for all your business funding needs.

Strike While The Iron Is Hot With A Company Cash Advance

A company cash advance may help your business overcome a common small business obstacle. Your company’s spending strategy normally accounts for the normal budget expenses and plans for what income category will cover the expenses. But often, the long-term profitability of a company may come from its ability to take advantage of a business opportunity that demands cash investment up front.

When a business has an above-normal business cash demand, business owners oftentimes feel that the prudent move is to fore go the investment. Regardless of the long-term reward the investment may present. Why? Because the cash flow of the business would suffer in the short-term if it “robs Peter to pay Paul”. Most businesses are run with a critical eye to the bottom line and the alternative of cutting expenses to fund the opportunity investment is not an option – unnecessary expenses that can be cut simply do not exist! A company cash advance can help keep the opportunity from slipping away.

The company cash advance from US Business Finance Corporation provides both the means to meet the investment expense as well as a built in mechanism for paying off the financing. By pre-selling your future credit card sales, similar to factoring your receivables only prior to making any sales, you can use your future sales income months in advance to meet the unexpected investment expense. With our fast approval and funding cycle, business owners are usually able to respond to the investment need within 5 to 10 working days. This allows you to have the cash you need to grow your business.

US Business Finance Corp is here to help the small businesses that are the backbone of the American economy grow and stay successful. Entrepreneurs have used our services to increase their businesses by using company cash advances to fund renovations, expansions or marketing campaigns that have served to build their businesses and improve their profitability.

So the next time opportunity comes knocking at an inopportune time, before you forego future riches, consider if the company cash advance offered by US Business Finance can help make the deal happen. Contact us to see how easy it is for your business to add this financial tool to your arsenal of funding sources that give you more room to move in the marketplace.

Improving Your Credit Opportunities With A Cash Advance

Cash Advance Financial CushionTaking advantage of a business cash advance can be a crucial part of your company’s financial strategy. Since low interest business loans or vendor credit lines look for a track record of on time payments, new business owners are at a disadvantage pursuing those routes to ease the pressure on cash flow. A business cash advance can help improve your company’s position when you do apply for a loan or line of credit, most likely resulting in better terms and interest rate.

A business cash advance from US Business Finance Corp gives a proprietor the safety net of cash in the bank to pay invoices on time, not be at the mercy of a normal month’s short-term up and down sales cycles. Instead, the cash advance, since it does not have a fixed payment schedule like a loan, is paid back from the monthly sales. The effect of ups and downs of the company’s sales do not negatively affect the cash advance payback if the overall averages stay the same as the months prior to receiving the cash advance.

In fact, if business picks up, you benefit by your increased credit card sales causing the cash advance to be paid off sooner and without incurring any pre-payment penalty.

Since each late payment can negatively impact your credit score 20 points or more, your financial cushion provided by the cash advance preserves your good credit score and while you build a 6 month, 1 year or, even better, a 2 year track record (using a series of advances), your credit score improves. By using your cash advances to create a sterling on-time bill paying record, you also avoid the line of credit’s or business loan/s affect on your credit score.

Also with a solid payment history, you do not signal to a business or bank contemplating providing your business with credit or financing that you are a new company struggling to meet its bills. By protecting your credit through a US Business Finance Corp cash advance you may better qualify for the lower interest loans that always go to businesses with the most solid business history. Create a great business foundation with a history of successful cash advance investments.

Solving the Investing to Grow Conundrum With Cash Advances

Business owners become experts at assessing their company’s cash needs and business opportunities. Can business cash advances help your business improve its cash flow and take advantage of business opportunities? Yes! Often the opportunity for growth presents the cash flow conundrum – with new equipment or different inventory sales can increase bringing more money and profitability. You need cash to make Money! Unfortunately, the need for money is at the front end of the investment cycle. New businesses especially have this situation since they have not built an investment momentum of past achievements funding future growth.

US Business Finance Corp has worked with both new business owners and established business owners to solve the investment obstacle. It also seems that the smaller the business, the less time they have to react to market forces or the timing of the investment opportunity. Business cash advances give owners the ability to leverage the sales that will result from the investment into working capital now. The small business owner solves the problem of future sales monies being months away, while the need for investment funds is today.

Two basic questions to answer in assessing a cash advance option are: “How much do I need for the specific need?” and, since time is money, “What is the time worth in order to get the funds ASAP?” Traditional loans, along with their demand for collateral, personal guarantees, quarterly reports and fixed payments, may take months to line up. If time is a factor, no matter what interest rate you get on the loan, the funds may arrive way too late.

5 to 10 working days is the short lead-time taken by US Business Financing to get qualified businesses their needed funds. The speed of delivery means that business entrepreneurs can strike while the iron is hot. The cash infusion helps the business get moving, and it follows the law of physics – a business in motion tends to stay in motion, while a business at rest must be waiting for a loan. OK, it is a “School of Successful Business” physics course.

The timing of receiving the cash advance funds is also matched by the lack of pressure in the timing of paying back the funds. Business owners weigh the worse case scenarios into the mix to judge the benefits of any source of capital funding. With your cash advance, since it is paid out of future sales, any delay in sales picking up does not affect your ability to meet the repayment plan. When the sales do pick up, the cash advance is simply paid off sooner.

Cash advances have a proven track record of helping small business owners benefit from the speed of financing delivery and ease of repayment offered by the alternative lending industry. A cash advance takes the pressure off a business owner in both ways.