Business Cash Advance & Business Financing Alternatives 

Small Companies Leverage Good Debt with Business Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance

A Business Cash Advance company such as US Business Finance Corp allows entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses throughout the United States to obtain additional operating capital needed to increase their business and sales.

US Business Finance Corp helps businesses meet current business needs and stimulate future growth using Cash Advance for Business financing. Small companies catalyze growth by improving marketing strategies, expanding facilities, purchasing inventory and equipment, and/or other upgrades, including training. Lenders offering alternative financing also help small businesses to cover cash outlays for startups.

Because of the pre-arranged repayment attached to Cash Advances, these business loans are considered to be “good” debt. Cash Advance does not show up as a liability on ledger sheets. The new cash appears on the green side of the ledger.

In addition, a Business Cash Advance from US Business Finance Corp does not require small business applicants to collateralize all of their company assets to qualify. A substantial percentage of small business owners qualify for additional operating Cash Advance based on records of sales in their businesses. Restaurants, used car dealers, seminar producers, bookstores, and other independent companies can choose to allocate a portion of future credit card sales to repay the cash advance.

US Business Finance Corp allows small businesses to get the professional support and advance capital normally only available to larger, established companies. Numerous small companies attempt to procure operating capital from banks, credit unions, and traditional lenders, only to be turned down. Traditional institutions require at least two years of records and collateral.

These smaller companies are seen as risky. In fact, seed companies with big goals do take big risks to achieve them. For example, business people with exciting ideas have poured their life savings into their companies.

Staring at the equation, the entrepreneur or new-business owner realizes there must be a better way to spark growth. This is the point when the small business owner or entrepreneur will look around for better ways to obtain the necessary cash to get the job done.

US Business Finance Corp offers a series of programs to help sole proprietors, entrepreneurs, and small companies to quickly gain access to operating capital that will satisfy current business needs. Our application process is fast. Applicants provide our underwriters with the pertinent information they require to make timely decisions so that businesses can quickly leverage new cash to grow and prosper.

Business Cash Advance Direct Funding Sources Benefit Companies

Business Cash Advance lenders provide working capital to qualified applicants in the professional, retail, and restaurant industries. An increasingly popular source of direct funding, Business Cash Advance loans serve to help all kinds of businesses to become more efficient and boost income.

For example, merchants purchase new equipment to better handle orders and advertising to increase their customer base. Businesses put extra money into improving their physical locations.

Our Business Cash Advance program offers funding in all 50 states in the USA, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Applicants take advantage of an online application process that is fast and efficient. Most applicants receive approval within 24 hours. Our underwriters prepare each contract. The streamlined application process accelerates immediate Cash Advance for companies who require capital as well as additional future funding.

Our application process collects the data necessary to evaluate creditworthiness. The business owner is assigned a pre-approval amount. The processing and underwriting staff based the rate of Cash Advance upon several criteria. Based upon our underwriting guidelines and other factors such as the length of time a company has been in business, business history, length of lease, average monthly sales volume, monthly credit card volume, we are able to swiftly assess creditworthiness.

We offer a 94% approval rate. Depending on the business model, additional capital can be advanced on an as-needed basis. We work with everything from sole proprietors to large offices with hundreds of personnel.

Once the loan is approved, merchants may choose from a variety of payback options. We offer flexible alternatives for pricing. Utilizing our renewal programs, clients appreciate the ability to procure additional funds while they are still paying off an existing balance.

For more information, call US Business Finance at 303-688-9150.

Plan for Your Post Retirement Personal Finances Now

The limitations of a fixed retirement income may be quickly felt unless preparation where made in advance, especially with a US Business Finance Corp Private Employer Benefit (PEB) Plan. Many self-employed and employed workers have used annuities to fund their PEB retirement funds to prepare for the day when they sell their business or retire. Planning now for that eventuality is the best way to make sure your retirement funds meet your economic needs. The following are a few steps to inoculate your retirement income from any economic surprises (inflation, the fund’s stock values).

The best way to plan for your retirement financial needs is to estimate your monthly budget and then give it a test run – live on that budget for a while. Two things become evident:

  • How to plan your Private Employer Benefit Plan, 401(k) or IRA monthly withdrawals, and
  • If you need to begin saving and investing more money now to live the lifestyle that gives you the greatest freedom and happiness.

Once you have figured your monthly budget, add in seasonal costs (holiday season, anniversaries) and then calculate what your annual needs will be.

Next, review each of your retirement accounts to see what the rules are regarding withdrawals, any penalties or taxes that may be expected, and what any mandatory distributions are. The rate at which you withdraw funds from each account determines how long the account will last.

While figuring your budget, keep in mind the past historical trends of inflation and the cost of services that may impact you most, such as healthcare costs. As articles in business magazines suggest, other economic factors which may cause your retirement funds to last longer is considering if moving to a locale where the cost of living is lower than where you currently reside. Many ex-patriot communities from Costa Rica to Thailand grew due to their excellent level of health care and the low cost of living.

Another economic variable is how well your investment stocks perform. From studies done by Standard & Poor’s analysis of the stock market’s overall performance over the past eighty years, a sustainable withdrawal would be between 5 and 6% per year. They estimated this on a somewhat conservative mix of investments with 60% in US stocks and 40% in Treasury bonds. If you have a percentage invested in overseas emerging markets your rate will most likely vary.

If stocks seem a poor retirement alternative, consider a Private Employer Benefit plan. Small business owners can contact USBFC advisers to see if your company’s budget and needs for insurance, tax liabilities, potential areas of tax deferment, retirement plans as well as the family’s education funding and estate planning needs would benefit from a Private Employer Benefit (PEB) plan. Your PEB retirement plan can be a way to get the most out of the equity you have built into your company. By creating a PEB retirement plan for you and your employees, the time you spend building your business rewards you doubly by also funding your retirement.

Once you have calculated your annual withdrawal rate from your annual budget, you can estimate what amount of additional funding is necessary to add more years to your retirement nest egg. Making budgetary adjustments now will afford more leeway in budget adjustments once you retire.

Visa payWave Cards Speed Up Credit Card Payments

Visa merchant card accounts have different payment options with Visa’s payWave contactless cards. The payWave cards are used by various transportation companies to decrease the time it takes commuters to pay for their fares. Similar to cards used on toll roads, the Paris and Los Angeles transportation systems are adopting the new faster payment method. This travel efficiency is already in place for Visa cardholders in Korea and Kuala Lumpur’s international airport and will soon debut in Hong Kong and India.

When it comes to business financing, US Business Finance Corp’s merchant cash advance is the fastest way for businesses accepting Visa and MasterCard credit card to raise funds. Granted it take more than the wave of a hand, however, in the end financing arrives without assets getting used as collateral, personal credit ratings taking a hit or any threat of late notices, late payment fees pr penalties.

Visa uses the technology of a tiny chip embedded in the card and a fraud prevention layer of security to make the new method of payment swift and secure. “Extending secure, convenient and reliable Visa payments to subways, trains and buses is a great example of how Visa innovations like Visa payWave can dramatically improve the experience for millions of commuters,” said Tim Attinger, Visa Inc.’s product innovation and development head.

If leveraging your Visa and MasterCard merchant account can help your enterprise weather the current business cycle, contact the credit card processing services experts and merchant cash advance specialists at US Business Finance.

Visa Expands to Asia Pacific and Middle East

Merchants can now accept Visa debit cards in far reaching places such as Mauritius, Philippines and Australia due to a recent agreement between Visa and HSBC, one of the world’s largest banking and financial services companies. In the year ending June 2008, Visa debit cards represented over $2.1 trillion in financial transactions. US Business Finance Corp helps North American companies obtain Visa and MasterCard merchant accounts to partake in this large sector of financial payments.

US Business Finance Corp utilizes its network of Visa and MasterCard processing services contacts to help businesses, especially high risk businesses, obtain merchant accounts. Many processing services offer great rates to businesses with rock solid financial histories, but have no place in their portfolios for start-up businesses, Internet businesses and other enterprises categorized as “high risk”. Or the processors severely penalize the businesses with very high “hold backs” – your business’s sales revenue held in reserve by the financial institution as a security against returns and reversed charges. To add insult to injury, the rate for high risk accounts is often much higher than what a credit card processing service that specializes in high risk accounts charges.

When the current economic climate hinders new businesses from getting merchant accounts or short-term financial loans, US Business Finance Corp has a two pronged assistance package: help in obtaining a merchant credit card account at the best rates, and assistance in securing merchant cash advances to fill in the gaps of your cash flow.

When looking for the open door in the credit markets, be sure to contact the alternative financing experts at US Business Finance Corp and see how our “win-win” solutions can put you in the driver’s seat of your business.

Visa and SCORE Tools For Business Owners

Visa and SCORE launched an online tools for small business owners. The tools include business guidance on topics ranging from securing funds to managing cash flow. SCORE (Service Corps Of Retired Executives) is a non-profit association, a resource partner of the Small Business Administration, that has volunteers mentoring owners of small businesses all across the US. Visa is the number one credit card used by merchants all over the world.

The new program also offers merchants a Financial Management Workbook containing “an actionable, easy-to-follow curriculum and information on key areas of concern for small businesses”. SCORE’s website points out some of the major business topics covered:

  • How to efficiently manage cash flow
  • How to maximize income and the speed with which you get paid
  • How to minimize expenses
  • Knowing your business funding options
  • Being prepared for your business’s growth and “what if” scenarios.

“As a longtime provider of small business payment cards and related small business services,” says Raghav Lal, Visa’s head of Global Small Business, “we understand that it is vital for business owners to have easy access to resources and insight to help them manage the health of their business, especially during challenging economic times,”

US Business Finance Corp is an alternative business finance company that helps small businesses obtain Visa and MasterCard merchant credit card accounts and short-term merchant cash advances. On the average, businesses accepting credit cards see their sales receipts totals increase almost 20%. With steady sales from Visa and MasterCard sales, businesses can qualify for merchant cash advances – in amounts from $2,500 to $100,000 determined by monthly sales – to help in tight cash flow emergency situations or for general working capital needs.

If your business is looking for ways to research funding options, talk to the alternative funding experts at US Business Finance Corp – they can show you the benefits of small business loans, equipment leases, merchant cash advances or unsecured loans – and assist you in seeing how each may fit your business’s cash flow needs.