Business Cash Advance & Business Financing Alternatives 

Acquiring Computers For Your Small Business

US Business Finance Corp helps small businesses obtain computers to help their companies gain a competitive edge – repair issues and outdated hardware or software can be a source of headaches and loss of  work time. We provide alternative funding solutions so small business owners can keep their computers up-to-date in today’s economic atmosphere. Our following guide can assist small business owners assess the merits of the various computers available. With the glut of great refurbished computers on the market a real consideration is whether to get a new computer or a refurbished computer.

US Business Finance Corp, as an alternative funding source, helps companies buy needed office equipment or new advertising to help improve business. Our business cash advances benefit company owners since they provide fast access to cash without the need for collateral or personal guarantees. The cash advance is paid back with a portion of future MasterCard and Visa credit card sales. The business’s balance sheet is not affected and the cash advance is usually paid off in six to nine months.

One maxim that has saved owners from buying mistakes is to look for the most cost-effective computer to match your needs, not the cheapest. This is often a question of buy new or refurbished. Buying new or refurbished largely depends on usage. Start with a list of the functions the computer will be used for (accounting, email, etc). Then create a checklist of specifications for the computer. Include operating system, screen size, RAM size (more for graphics software), minimum size of processor(s), and desktop or laptop. Then price what is available.

Older computers tend to be slower and have less RAM capacity. However, for many office tasks involving spreadsheets or word processing, older computers of very much up to the task. A good strategy for buying refurbished computers is:

  • Always deal with a reputable business;
  • Check the reviews of the computer and the resale business on the Internet; and
  • Make sure there is a manufacturer’s 30 – 90 day warranty.

Many companies, such as Dell and IBM/Lenovo, have lease return computers available that are refurbished at the manufacturer’s facility to meet the “good as new” specifications. In states with high business property taxes, buying refurbished computers is also a way to keep your business property taxes down without sacrificing office productivity.

Often, a small business will realize better productivity from a computer by opting for a more RAM (1K to 2K) and a slightly slower processor time since the RAM is usually maxed out by the computer long before the processor is.

Getting a new computer makes sense if you need the fastest processor, largest hard drive and as much RAM as possible, which is usually the case for graphics intensive jobs. Graphics software tends to use as much RAM as you have and then want more. The processor speed (and number of processors) also decreases the time your engineers sit and watch the screen as a software operation takes place. Most word processing and accounting functions do not need to pay the premium attendant with the fastest machines.

Another area to take into account is that some inexpensive computers that are newer and faster are made with proprietary hardware in the interest of cutting costs. When a computer has a proprietary motherboard that means any future upgrades to RAM may cost your business 2 to 3 times what similar sized RAM costs for non-proprietary computers. A simple way to check a computer you are considering buying is to go online and check the price of 1 Meg RAM. Regular RAM may run $80 – $150, while RAM for proprietary boards can run to $400.

Taking these three points into account – source of financing and either new or refurbished – companies can better determine which computers will meet the most cost-effective price point and provide them their best long-term productivity. Contact us at US Business Finance Corp to see how quickly you can finance your computer upgrades without needing long-term financing or equipment leases.

10 Tips For Restaurant Success

US Business Finance Corp works with small businesses such as restaurants to maximize their ability to succeed with business cash advances, alternative financing and business information. Over the years, we have found the following ten tips to be good part of restaurants’ plans that lead to success.

  1. Always make a great cup of coffee! The secret to a great cup of coffee, besides starting with a good coffee brand, is to keep the equipment clean and use good water. The use of carafes or thermoses to keep the coffee warm after brewing not only saves power, but keeps the coffee from getting that cooked forever taste.
  2. Never serve hot water for tea in carafes that are also used for coffee or that was heated in the coffee machine. This drives your tea drinkers away – better to ride the wave created by the green tea marketing campaigns!
  3. Create the culture of a valued employee. This starts two positive feedback cycles: upbeat employees (normally) equal happy patrons and they attract people to your team who also have a positive nature. Training is key to employee competency. US Business Finance helps train employees and owners on credit card transaction best practices to minimize errors and improve your rates.
  4. Know your financial cycles in detail. Tighter planning for staffing and food inventory can have the most direct affect on improving your profits. Create meaningful, yet simple daily, weekly and monthly financial reports. Knowing your cash flow also allows you to time your cash advance draws to exactly meet your cash flow need.
  5. Get a merchant credit card account. From credit card studies, patrons will spend an average of 15% or more. Accepting credit cards opens the way to higher receipts, better protection against NSF checks, and an opportunity to get a cash advance on your future Visa/MasterCard sales.
  6. Unless you are a franchise restaurant with a restricted menu, make sure you always serve good food – from the freshest meat and fish to crisp salads. With more of the population turning a critical eye on the way their eating habits affect their health, the institutional meals of the past are losing their supporting population.
  7. Mix consistency with something new. While keeping a core menu that your customers love, have something new – either in the way of a dessert, sandwich special or “catch of the day”. This gives your customers both the security of knowing what to expect and also giving them the satisfaction of enjoying something new or unexpected.
  8. Choose your location wisely. Location can be determined by either for the resident population (such as office workers on lunch break), closeness to a major road with easy on-off access and good parking. Remember – a parking lot with the spaces too tight is seldom visited twice by patrons with nice cars. US Business Finance Corp assists restaurants with commercial real estate mortgages as part of our business financing services.
  9. Understand what experience your restaurant provides your patrons. Once you know what attracts clients back or leads time to give referrals, you can fine tune that aspect of your offering. It is also good to know what drives clients away, so you can eliminate that vexation – sometimes its the little things, like water spots on the knives.
  10. Prepare for financial cycles ahead. Make sure to have a plan in place in case you need emergency operating capital to sustain your restaurant during any down sales cycle. Road construction making it hard for regulars to dine? Refrigerator fail overnight and spoil inventory? By setting up your merchant credit card processing service up with US Business Finance, you not only get great processing rates and service, but the ability to quickly tap into a cash advance. This emergency operating cash fund then gets paid off out of a percentage of future Visa and MasterCard sales – no personal guarantee or collateral necessary.

As restaurant owners and managers know, there is always a bit of the theater in running a successful restaurants. Regardless of all the daily hassles going on in the restaurant, as that final bonus tip: smile – keep the audience assured that even if their life is rocky, your restaurant is the calm in the center of the storm.

Alternative Financing Help For Your Medical Practice

The small medical practice part of the healthcare industry turns to alternative financing help, such as cash advances, to fill their cash flow gaps. Without a large financial staff that hospitals can afford, doctors are forced to take on the role of a small business entrepreneur. When pursuing traditional lending avenues, small medical practices, especially start-ups or ones in expansion mode, often find that their lack of assets or cyclical cash flow hinder their ability to secure traditional business loans that are available to large hospitals or established medical practices.

US Business Finance Corp offers alternative financing assistance to small medical practices that:

  • Supplies fast and consistent access to operating capital – 24 hour or less approval;
  • No liens or security interest against accounts receivables;
  • No need for personal guarantees or use of personal assets (your home!);
  • Available to many medical practices that do not qualify for standard bank funding; and
  • Financing can be used for any needs of your medical practice.

Our approval rate for small businesses is over 80%! Our normal funding time? We usually electronically transfer the cash advance to your company’s account within seven business days after approval. There are no checks to write, coupons to return or monthly financial reports to send to us. The cash advance is automatically repaid from a percentage of your patients’ Visa and MasterCard payment. The monthly payment amount is entirely dependent on your credit card receipts – more payments equals faster time to pay off.

When cash flow emergencies arise, we know that your overdue accounts receivables are no promise that your medical practice will meet its bills on time. US Business Finance Corp knows that time is of the essence and we strive to work with our clients to get the approval and funding process completed as quickly as possible. Getting a standard business loan will never fund your practice as fast as our business cash advances.

Contact us at US Business Finances Corp to see how quickly your medical practice can obtain approval and funding of our business cash advance to meet your financing needs.

Controlling Your Credit for a Profitable Future

As the credit markets tighten up and the economy contracts, many Americans over their heads in debt consider bankruptcy as an alternative, when they should be considering alternative financing. Bankruptcy provides limited solutions and several downsides. After a bankruptcy getting unsecured loans is rather impossible and the interest rate on collateralized loans will take into account the high risk presented by a past bankruptcy. Bankruptcies remain on your credit history and affect your credit score for ten years. The following are several steps to consider in order to preserve the best credit score you can and move form debt to healthy finances.

Retired couples on fixed income and high credit card debt should also keep in mind that depending on the type of bankruptcy route they take, not all their retirement accounts may be protected from being used to satisfy creditors. All 401(k) programs are protected, but IRS accounts are only protected up to $1 million and after the court may decide what is yours and what can go to creditors.

  1. Negotiate with the credit card companies. This can be done on your own, using the expertise of a lawyer or a credit counselor. The benefit of using an attorney experienced in negotiating settlements is they know all the credit card company tricks and will insist on the negotiated terms being formalized in writing. They also provide an impersonal buffer to the card companies and any collection agencies. Negotiation may include reduced interest rates, longer time period or reduced balance.
  2. Another short-term step that may be available is to do a balance transfer using a 9 – 12 month 0% or low percent rate card offer to maximize payments going toward your balance.
  3. Work with a reputable consumer credit counselor who has a bona fide track record. Steer clear of counselors who are primarily offering loans or pushing you to take the bankruptcy step without going over all the alternatives with you. If you do file for a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy Reform Act dictates that, at your won expense, you must undergo credit counseling for six months prior to filing and take a financial-management course after your filing.
  4. Weigh all your alternatives taking into account all the assets you have to leverage. Even in a slow real estate market, you may be able to sell you home to a relative for a price that benefits you both, rent the home and make a dent in your outstanding liabilities.
  5. If negotiations with creditors fail, you can’t meet your monthly credit obligations, and bankruptcy is unavoidable, work with an attorney. You want to make sure all the correct steps are taken to protect your assets and income and to minimize the downside of a bankruptcy.

US Business Finance Corp offers small businesses cash advances to weather their cash flow short falls. Quick application processes and fast funding upon approval help businesses keep moving safely towards profitable sailing.

Positioning Your Business For Market Fluctuations

The nature of business is cyclical. US Business Finance Corp offers several alternative financing solutions for business owners looking to position their businesses to weather the business cycles with the least disruption. Restaurants have days of heavy traffic and slow days. Gift stores have seasonal cycles. The building industry has longer cycles, both the residential building cycle and the commercial building cycle. The following guidelines should help your decisions to guard your cash flow and operating capital reserves.

  1. Keep the typical business level in mind. When times are very good and an expansive mindset is in place, always keep in mind the nature of the business cycle. Decide whether you really need to hire more employees or if allowing for overtime will best meet your labor needs. The benefit of overtime is that you are using experienced employees and when the sales cycle shifts employees go back to their regular time and no one needs to be laid off. In good cycles, talk to your financing specialists, lining up a business cash advances or a business line of credit is best done in solid business cycles.
  2. Recognize when you have a “hit the wall” situation and need outside advice. A hit the wall situation is one that you are not trained to handle and are tempted to solve in ways in which you are comfortable. Unfortunately in hit the wall situations, your gut instincts tend to be wrong – usually leading to wrong decisions. A red flag is if business decisions are reactionary: crisis-management thinking. Typically the reactionary thinking is following a period of denial that the market has changed and avoidance of painful, but necessary, business steps.

    Outside advice can help you gain the necessary perspective. US Business Finance Corp assists small businesses with alternative financing that can deal with business changes. One business consultant commented that most small businesses fail by fixing the wrong problem – they fixed the one they knew how to fix, not the one that endangered the company.

    US Business Finance Corp has helped many small businesses meet operating capital needs with cash advances only after the owners widened their search for solutions beyond traditional bank sources. Once they found out how quickly and easily they could access business cash advances using their future credit card sales, they were able to turn around challenging business situations.

  3. Approach cost cutting carefully. Drastic cost cutting can send the wrong message which has a way of reinforcing the market’s negative perceptions. Always keep the vision for what you need coming out of the market fluctuation. Employment expenses and business supplies offer the largest amounts of costs that tantalize with a fast cost cutting step. However, these are also the ingredients you will need in place to take advantage of your next business opportunity. Another option is to be honest about the state of the business with your employees and then you can explore less drastic and more beneficial measures, such as pay cuts or reduced hours that will see the company through and keep your trained work force intact.
  4. Never lose sight of adding more markets. No business saved their way to profitability. Building the income stream and constantly looking to service new markets not only builds profitability, but is also one of the best measures to minimize market fluctuations. New customers, strategic alliances with complementary businesses, new products or services or business cash advances to bolster operating capital all build the company’s forward momentum. Also, remember to take input from and reward your employees for business opportunities they perceive.

Business downturns and upturns can equally benefit your company if you address the needs of the market with your vision and your workforce – addressing the present while building for the future. Contact your financing professionals at US Business Finance Corp to see what alternative financing solutions we have to meet your business’s operating capital constraints.

Cash Advances for Medical Debt Consolidation

Why live with the additional stress of your medical practices overdue bills when alternative financing, such as business cash advances can help to consolidate debt, improve your operating capital and give you more time to devote to your patients? US Business Finance Corp specializes in helping physicians’ medical practices improve their operating capital with business cash advances.

Our business cash advance programs, like a financial antacid, relieve troubled operating capital problems. With a high approval ratio, fast approval time, and efficient funding process – you won’t need to call us in the morning. Better still, our cash advance does not affect your credit rating or balance sheet – if anything, by consolidating your debt and bringing your payments up-to-date, a cash advance improves your credit score!

Business Cash Advances Used For Financial Positioning

Business cash advances have been successfully used by small medical practices to position themselves for traditional bank loans by bringing your bills up-to-date, improving your credit score, not placing a security interest against your accounts receivables, not using your medical equipment for collateral and not needing your personal guarantee. However, physicians have found the  business cash advance as a necessary and very helpful interim step to consolidate debt and bring a greater level of control to their financial picture.

US Business Finance Corp’s cash advances simply uses a pledge of a percentage of your medical practice’s future MasterCard and Visa sales to reimburse the cash advance. Based on your medical practice’s monthly Visa/MasterCard receipts, the amount of funding through cash advances ranges from $2,500 to $1 million.

At US Business Finance Corp, we strive to help physicians focus on the ills of their patients, not their financial ills. Call us today and let’s get your financial antacid – our business cash advance – working for your medical practice!