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Small Business Deferred Compensation Retirement Plans

US Business Finance Corp is expanding its financial services for small and mid-size businesses to provide better wealth preservation and tax-saving benefits. Many employers and their employees watching their 401(k) plans begin to dissolve like a sugar cube in a tea cup wondered if there wasn’t a better and more cost-effective way to prepare for future financial needs than trust the manipulations of Wall Street. US Business Finance Corp (USBFC) saw the needs of business owners to have retirement funds they could count on with peace of mind – to that end we now offer Private Employer Benefit Plans.

A Private Employer Benefit Plan (PEB) is an alternative retirement plan to the better known 401(k)s and IRAs. These non-qualified deferred compensation plans offer a legal way to fund your small business’s retirement plan with pre-tax dollars. These benefit plans work for:

  • Privately held C and S corporations,
  • Partnerships and limited liability partnerships (LLP),
  • Limited liability corporations (LLC)
  • Professional corporations, and
  • Sole proprietorships.

Small business owners utilizing 401(k) plans are finding that in an economic downturn, employees stop saving in order to meet bills. With reduced employee participation their retirement plan begins to look “top heavy” to the IRS. Avoid unnecessary penalties and paying too much in taxes by talking to USBFC’s financial advisers about which of our new PEBs could work best for your business. Our retirement planning services utilize the IRS 409, 412 or 419 plans which can be funded by life insurance and fixed annuity products.

Our retirement plans keep you from unnecessarily paying out more in pre-tax funds and keep you from penalizing top-heavy 401(k) situations. Your retirement investment grows in a tax-deferred manner, making the most use of your growing retirement principal. Upon retirement, the deferred compensation you have accrued becomes your retirement income that you can use largely tax-free!

An added benefit of creating a Private Employer Benefit Plan for your company is another way to financially reward and retain your key personnel. Since some of the plans allow substantial annual contribution limits, they are very well suited to owners who are just starting to fund their retirement savings or have realized that the amount they have set aside may not be adequate in today’s volatile market.

Whether your small business is a start-up or you are a business owner desiring to quickly build equity in your retirement account, contact USBFC’s financial advisors to explore the financially rewarding possibilities a Private Employer Benefit Plan can have for you, your family and your employees.

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