Business Cash Advance & Business Financing Alternatives 

Small Business Funding – An Array of Business Financing Options

As a business owner you know that when raising operating capital, several small business funding possibilities exist. Sage business advice says to learn about all the avenues before settling on one. Human nature tends to lead business owners down the comfortable and known path, which may not be the best business option. It pays to be oopen to new business financing options.

Cash advances are a great alternative business funding program in which US Business Finance Corp specializes. This unique option offers business owners funding that does not need collateral or receivables to cover it. The advance is paid back through future V/MC credit card sales.

You are probably familiar with personal home loans using the owner’s real estate equity as a traditional way to raise capital. The drawback of the personal loan is that if the business fails or goes through a rough patch, the owner’s home is then at risk. Cash advances and other methods of business funding offer protection for the owner’s personal assets, while still providing the necessary operating capital.

For larger capital needs, US Business Finance also helps business owners secure business loans and Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. SBA loans are guaranteed to a certain percentage of the loan by the federal government, so they have a slightly higher interest rate than a standard business loan.

Another loan program business owners can use to build equity in their business is a commercial real estate loan. US Business Finance helps businesses not only apply for a commercial loan, but helps them create a business presentation supporting the application and utilizes their network of lending institutions to give business owners the best possible chance of success landing their commercial mortgage at the best terms.

Accounts receivables and factoring are similar programs that offer business owners a way of collecting business funding at a discount by either pledging their receivables as security, or selling their receivables outright in factoring.

Let the professionals at US Business Finance Corp go over your specific business funding needs and apprise you of how each of these funding options can be used in your business and help evaluate which ones best fit your immediate and long-term needs. US Business Finance is dedicated to helping small businesses achieve financial success by providing them with the best business funding solutions. Contact us for the best service and programs for all your business funding needs.

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