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Solving the Investing to Grow Conundrum With Cash Advances

Business owners become experts at assessing their company’s cash needs and business opportunities. Can business cash advances help your business improve its cash flow and take advantage of business opportunities? Yes! Often the opportunity for growth presents the cash flow conundrum – with new equipment or different inventory sales can increase bringing more money and profitability. You need cash to make Money! Unfortunately, the need for money is at the front end of the investment cycle. New businesses especially have this situation since they have not built an investment momentum of past achievements funding future growth.

US Business Finance Corp has worked with both new business owners and established business owners to solve the investment obstacle. It also seems that the smaller the business, the less time they have to react to market forces or the timing of the investment opportunity. Business cash advances give owners the ability to leverage the sales that will result from the investment into working capital now. The small business owner solves the problem of future sales monies being months away, while the need for investment funds is today.

Two basic questions to answer in assessing a cash advance option are: “How much do I need for the specific need?” and, since time is money, “What is the time worth in order to get the funds ASAP?” Traditional loans, along with their demand for collateral, personal guarantees, quarterly reports and fixed payments, may take months to line up. If time is a factor, no matter what interest rate you get on the loan, the funds may arrive way too late.

5 to 10 working days is the short lead-time taken by US Business Financing to get qualified businesses their needed funds. The speed of delivery means that business entrepreneurs can strike while the iron is hot. The cash infusion helps the business get moving, and it follows the law of physics – a business in motion tends to stay in motion, while a business at rest must be waiting for a loan. OK, it is a “School of Successful Business” physics course.

The timing of receiving the cash advance funds is also matched by the lack of pressure in the timing of paying back the funds. Business owners weigh the worse case scenarios into the mix to judge the benefits of any source of capital funding. With your cash advance, since it is paid out of future sales, any delay in sales picking up does not affect your ability to meet the repayment plan. When the sales do pick up, the cash advance is simply paid off sooner.

Cash advances have a proven track record of helping small business owners benefit from the speed of financing delivery and ease of repayment offered by the alternative lending industry. A cash advance takes the pressure off a business owner in both ways.

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