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Teleconferencing Companies Expand With Merchant Cash Advances

Teleconferencing companies have turned to merchant cash advances to take advantage of their expanding market. With many businesses reducing employees’ travel, teleconferencing companies have benefited with the credit card sales of multimedia equipment for teleconferencing and videoconferencing.  Needing to purchase inventory, software and increase their server infrastructure to handle the surge in business, teleconferencing companies have found banks unresponsive to their needs in the current credit crunch, even when they had consistent income and high credit scores. Where to go for the necessary capitalization?

Business cash advances have proven to be both the timely and the cost-effective way to meet the heavy cash needs of business start-ups or expansions. When time to implementation is the key to the success of a sale, business cash advances is the only way to meet the need. Bank financing, if available, takes far too long to consummate. As one teleconference company owner said, he “could not believe how fast and simple the process was. Although this type of financing is more expensive than a traditional business loan, it enabled us to grow our business dramatically which made the cost well worth it.”

As an added benefit, a business cash advance is paid back far faster than a bank loan, leaving the company with a better looking balance sheet when seeking investors or traditional loans for long-term capital needs. By tapping into the ability to leverage future Visa and MasterCard sales, business owners can utilize the services of US Business Finance Corp to quickly get a cash advance. Typically, over the next six to eleven months the merchant cash advance is repaid from a percentage of the credit card sales – usually 15% of the sale amount.

Communications companies can take advantage of the market change as businesses reduce expenses on hotels, meal and travel and shift resources to support the more cost-effective technology of videoconferencing for company meetings and educational seminars. Successful teleconferencing companies have secured merchant cash advances that have allowed them to meet their inventory costs, and server and software upgrade expenses.

Contact US Business Finance Corp small business finance experts. We can help you set up your merchant Visa and MasterCard credit card account or utilize your current credit card sales volume to access business capital in the form of a timely company cash advance.

Don’t let your business opportunities disappear just because the banks are looking to Washington for their business opportunities! Turn to your trusted merchant cash advance specialist at US Business Finance Corp for a personalized education on how your business can benefit from a merchant cash advance and succeed, even in the current business climate.

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