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Top Merchant Credit Card Customer Service

US Business Finance Corp’s business clients enjoy our merchant credit card processing services for several reasons. Our customer service is very responsive, our rates are very competitive, our monthly statements are very clear, and our clients have ready access to merchant cash advances. At US Business Finance Corp, we know how helpful credit card sales are for increasing sales and providing customers with an easy cash payment alternative. Our merchant account services mission is to help your business succeed.

The most common complaint US Business Finance Corp hears from merchants is that customer service is hard to get or not helpful. We have worked with merchants and over the years we know that helping business owners keep their companies running smoothly is the best way to run our customer service. Small problems like the terminal running out of tape, the terminal has just had a soft drink spilled on it, or a new employee needs a fast training can be big blocks to the merchant’s store turning a profit that day. Our customer service delights in solving problems, not causing them.

US Business Finance Corp takes finding merchants the best rates seriously. Our mission in helping your business succeed is to make sure you are taking home as much of your credit card sales volume as possible. We provide owner and employee training in order that your transactions go through correctly, you keep credits and charge backs to a minimum and that your employees never unwittingly make a mistake that negatively affects your merchant account file.

The second most common complaint we find is that other service providers make their monthly statements hard to understand. Fees may be tucked away so both the merchants and competing credit card processors have a hard time comparing processor services. US Business Finance Corp provides its merchants with clear statements – and our account experts will help you tear apart your bill to see what you are really being charged and how we can help you keep more of your money.

Lastly, our merchant credit card processing services have the additional benefit of connecting business owners to company cash advances. These cash advances are not loans, but a sale of future Visa and MasterCard sales. They carry no late charges, no fixed payments or fixed end payment date. The repayment plan is tied to a percentage of future Visa/MasterCard sales. As sales pick up, payoff happens sooner. If sales slow down, payment happens later.

Contact our credit card specialists today to see how we can help improve the profitability of your merchant credit card account. Whether desiring better merchant credit card account rates, better customer service or the ability to rely on business cash advances for any operating capital needs US Business Finance Corp is ready and able to help make your business operate more profitably.

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