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Visa payWave Cards Speed Up Credit Card Payments

Visa merchant card accounts have different payment options with Visa’s payWave contactless cards. The payWave cards are used by various transportation companies to decrease the time it takes commuters to pay for their fares. Similar to cards used on toll roads, the Paris and Los Angeles transportation systems are adopting the new faster payment method. This travel efficiency is already in place for Visa cardholders in Korea and Kuala Lumpur’s international airport and will soon debut in Hong Kong and India.

When it comes to business financing, US Business Finance Corp’s merchant cash advance is the fastest way for businesses accepting Visa and MasterCard credit card to raise funds. Granted it take more than the wave of a hand, however, in the end financing arrives without assets getting used as collateral, personal credit ratings taking a hit or any threat of late notices, late payment fees pr penalties.

Visa uses the technology of a tiny chip embedded in the card and a fraud prevention layer of security to make the new method of payment swift and secure. “Extending secure, convenient and reliable Visa payments to subways, trains and buses is a great example of how Visa innovations like Visa payWave can dramatically improve the experience for millions of commuters,” said Tim Attinger, Visa Inc.’s product innovation and development head.

If leveraging your Visa and MasterCard merchant account can help your enterprise weather the current business cycle, contact the credit card processing services experts and merchant cash advance specialists at US Business Finance.

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