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Business Cash Advance Better Than Dentists' Business Loan

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By US Business Finance Corp
Oct 15, 2008 - 11:44:15 AM

Alternative business financing
Alternative business financing for dental practices helps with operating capital needs.
Expanding dentistry practices facing the need for more working capital are finding business cash advances faster and more accessible sources of financing than traditional bank loans. Business expansion has the attendant decisions of dental equipment leasing or financing. US Business Finance Corp's cash advance alternative financing solution has proven better able to meet dental practice financing needs.

Alternative Funding Solutions

Business cash advances used in place of dentists loans or dental equipment leasing can fulfill your dental practice's operating capital needs without creating the financial burden of a personal guarantees or using your dental equipment as collateral.

When looking for dental equipment financing, commercial leasing companies use your new dental equipment as collateral to secure the lease. With a cash advance, your dental practice can acquire the necessary equipment without encumbering it with a lien or security interest that financing or leasing companies need. Your practice possesses the dental equipment free and clear.

US Business Finance Corp fulfills your dental practice financing requirements by supplying your practice a business cash advance based on your monthly track record of Visa and MasterCard receipts. Your cash advance is paid back in less than a year when your patients pay for services with MasterCard or Visa credit cards, sooner if your credit card sales increase.

With a business cash advance, there is no fixed monthly loan payment. The repayment is simply a percentage of future Visa and MasterCard credit card sales. A US Business Finance Corp cash advance does not impact your dental practice's revenue stream from insurance companies, clients' cash payments or payments form AmEx or Discover credit cards. These other payments go 100% to your meet your cash flow needs.

The timeliness of a US Business Finance Corp cash advance means your dental practice can quickly get the needed dental equipment, advertising or interim cash to pay ongoing bills on time. US Business has a very fast approval and funding process. We know that often time is of the essence and our approval and funding process is usually completed in less than two weeks. Once your cash advance is approved, the funds are wired directly to your dental practice's bank account.

Contact US Business Finance Corp's dental practice cash advance pros to find out how our business cash advance can you in meeting your practice's operating capital requirements better than loans to dentists or dental equipment leasing options.

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