Cash Advances For Law Firm's Financing Alternative

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By US Business Finance Corp.
Jul 12, 2012 - 10:09:10 AM

Law Firms Weather Operating Capital Needs With Cash Advances

Alternative financing for law firms
Cash advances as affordable, alternative financing for law firms
US Business Finance Corp fulfills law firms' lending needs with affordable, alternative cash advance financing. Our business cash advances help law practices weather operating capital emergencies and cyclical cash flow needs. Law firms share businesses' need to meet tax liabilities and pay bills in a timely manner - even when your clients are slow to pay their legal bills.

Cash Advance Benefits to Law Firms

With our business cash advance serving as your law firm's financing vehicle, your legal practice can meet its financial obligations in a timely manner with several benefits:
  • Your legal team can focus on the law business and not get sidetracked on finances;

  • No partners are called upon to provide personal guarantees for the financing; and

  • No company or personal property is necessary to serve as collateral.

US Business Finance Corp also has the experience and ability to find your law firm the best merchant credit card processing service for you needs. Our cash advance program provides law firm financing by taking a pledge of a percent of future MasterCard and Visa sales. This means there is no fixed monthly payment that must be met and the cash advance is usually paid off in 6 to 9 months - sooner if business improves.

Besides helping with cash flow, our business cash advances can help with securing necessary business equipment without getting a lease or loan. You own the business equipment free and clear, even if it is paid for with our business cash advance. No liability incurred obtaining the equipment - your balance sheet only improves with the appearance of a new asset.

Alternative Financing Accepts Risk Banks Do Not

US Business Finance Corp's position as an alternative financing company allows us the freedom to serve those businesses with operating capital needs that banks do not serve. We recognize that the most profitable businesses also incur the highest risk. Unlike banks, our alternative financing solutions are able to handle high risk accounts in a timely manner. Contact our business financing specialists at US Business Finance Corp to experience fast relief from your law firm's tight cash flow situation or better terms on your business equipment financing.