Improve Your Medical Practice's Cash Flow Without A Loan

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By US Business Finance Corp
Oct 1, 2008 - 8:46:27 AM

Alternative financing for medical practices
Alternative financing for small medical practices and physician LLCs.
US Business Finance Corp helps medical practices meet their cash flow and operating capital needs quickly - and without incurring the liability of a loan. Physicians' loans, while possibly serving to consolidate debts, still impact the doctor's or the medical practices credit rating and personal exposure due to guarantees necessary to secure the loan. With our company cash advances, physicians can meet their cash flow needs without a personal guarantee or providing collateral.

US Business Finance Corp uses your medical practices future Visa and MasterCard credit card sales to pay off the cash advance. We are also positioned to provide very good MasterCard and Visa credit card processing services for your business. Our merchant credit card account services provide excellent rates, responsive customer service, and we train your personnel so are ready to handle all transactions. We have found our training program a key element in preserving our clients' merchant account status - that all-important measure that affects your rates and fees - regardless of who your processor is.

Whether your medical practices operating capital needs are for meeting monthly bills, leasing medical equipment or any financing situation needing physicians loans, our alternative leasing program may meet those financing needs better. Our alternative financing company has been assisting small businesses with their capital needs - serving restaurants, physicians, law firms, and Internet marketing companies. We have found that the small business financing market is one of the most under-served financial markets due to the inherent level of risk small businesses take on in order to succeed.

Alternative financing does not call for intensive financial documentation, a physician's personal guarantee, collateral, and stringent spending guidelines. If alternative lending can bring better health to your financing needs, contact our alternative funding specialists. At US Business Finance Corp, we will go over all our lending programs so you can see if our business cash advance or unsecured business loans can meet your medical practice's cash flow needs today!