Meeting Business Financial Challenges in 2012

Posted in: Business Cash Advance, National Economy
By US Business Finance Corp
Jul 7, 2012 - 2:20:52 PM

Fast access to alternative business financing
Business cash advances - fast access to alternative business financing
Small businesses face a two challenging financial trends in 2012: tighter credit markets with higher loan criteria and more conservative consumer spending. These two combine to make keeping the level of operating capital on an even keel a weekly discipline. The alternative business financing market is thriving in these tough economic times, giving small businesses a solid funding option to the harder to get traditional business loans.

Alternative business financing takes several forms from hard money lending, private and angel investors to business cash advances. US Business Finance Corp has long championed small businesses and their need for fast cash infusions due to capital emergencies, timely deals on holiday or seasonal inventory or temporary lows in the business cycle. The needs for small businesses do not necessarily match the large commercial banking products or lending criteria.

For large businesses, having a few large clients helps keep a steady accounts receivable, but with small businesses, hitching their star to a few major customers can spell doom if any of the accounts disappears - and also keep them out of the factoring financial market. For alternative financing, a many and varied customer base is a boon for securing merchant cash advances.

Merchant cash advances help small business quickly gain working capital without encumbering the business's or the owner's assets. How? US Business Finance Corp takes on the lion's share of the risk. Our successful track record with helping businesses leverage their future Visa and MasterCard sales into fast cash proves that small businesses are one of the best investments in America.

As credit tightens with the current economic cycle, utilizing future sales to secure today's business opportunities is possible with US Business Finance Corp's business cash advances. With only a percentage of future Visa and MasterCard sales pledged to repay the cash advance, your business has operating capital room to move. Contact our alternative business financing experts today!