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Twelve Key Reasons For Business Cash Advance Popularity

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By US Business Finance Corp
Oct 18, 2008 - 3:47:59 PM

Merchant cash advances
Alternative business financing with merchant cash advances.
Business cash advances are popular with the financially under-served small and mid-sized business market. Not to be mistaken for pay-day cash advances, which are loans, business cash advances are a win-win, business to business alternative funding solution where the cash advance company buys future credit card sales.

US Business Finance Corp's Alternative Funding Benefits:

  1. Rapid approval process - usually within 24 hours of receiving the minimal documentation we need;

  2. Fast funding: five to ten business days, wired directly into your company's bank account;

  3. Since this is a sale transaction, not a loan, there are no fixed payments, no fixed end date, no catch-up payments, no collection calls, and no late fees;

  4. Your balance sheet and your credit score are not affected;

  5. Since it is paid back on the average in 6 to 9 months, the cost of the money in terms of dollars can be less than a standard loan - usually 15% of each future Visa and MasterCard sale automatically goes to pay off the cash advance until it is paid off;

  6. No personal guarantee is required;

  7. No need to draw upon personal credit for business needs;

  8. Personal and business assets are not tied up for collateral;

  9. Unlike loans and factoring, our alternative financing company assumes the risk on the transaction;

  10. Advanced funds can be used for any business purpose: equipment purchase, increase your advertising, cash emergencies, inventory purchase, or make up for seasonal cash shortfall; and

  11. Only Visa and MasterCard sales are used, your Discover, American Express and cash sales all go 100% toward your cash flow; and

  12. The repayment plan keeps your dollar cost down - versus credit cards which drag out your repayment of the balance in order to drive up the dollar cost of the credit provided (even though advertising "lower" interest rates).
Contact our business cash advance experts at US Business Finance Corp to see how your business can improve its cash flow with our merchant cash advance solution. Bolster your operating capital without paying a higher price by factoring, using your credit cards or long term loans.

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