SBA Improving Small Business's Ability to Land Federal Contracts

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Small business help with alternative financing
Recently the SBA has increased its efforts to help small business owners enter the $400 billion federal contracts marketplace. Government contracts are one way for small businesses to raise operating capital and gain a large steady customer. The SBA employed their May 2008 web chat to have the associate administrator for government contracting and business development, Fay Ott, discuss the SBA's educational programs and field questions from interested business owners.

Tax Relief Historically Benefits Small Businesses the Most

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SBA small business tax news
The SBA has recently applauded the lasting effects of the 2003 Tax Relief Act passed five years ago. Seventy-five percent of the population that benefited the most from the top bracket tax reduction since the Act was passed were small business owners. Business owners who have found paying taxes and meeting their corporate expenses a challenge due to timing often turn to US Business Finance Corp for business cash advances. Our cash advances can be used for any business purpose and are quickly accessible - within 7 to 10 days of our fast approval process.

Washington Considers A Standard Home Office Deduction

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Deductions help businesses
Small businesses helped on home office expenses
The Home Office Deduction Simplification Act (H.R. 6214) recently introduced in Congress will allow small businesses working out of a home office to deduct their office expenses by offering a $1,500 standard deduction. The $1,500 would also be indexed to the price of inflation so it would incrementally increase every year.

Are You Ready For An SBA Loan?

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SBA Loan Application
US Business Finance Corp helps small business owners get working capital for their enterprises. Often, new business owners hear of Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, and wonder if it is a good business financing option. An SBA loan is one that is largely backed by the government and funded by one of your local financial lending institutions. The following points help you assess your readiness for an SBA loan.