Finding The Best Credit Card Processing Service

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By US Business Finance Corp.
Aug 31, 2008 - 9:35:05 PM

US Business Finance Corp credit card processing service

Merchant Accounts Crucial For Business Success

Accepting credit cards to expand sales is a wonderful concept. Finding a merchant account credit card processing company is the next step - and it is a big step. The world of credit card processing presents an array of packages with companies mixing interest rates, fees, and perks to appear to be the best fit for your small business. US Business Finance Corp has been helping companies obtain Visa and MasterCard credit card processing services with an eye to saving the store owner the most on fees and charges.

Protecting Your Merchant Account Status

US Business Finance professionals have found, above and beyond the rates and fees, the biggest key to getting the best deal is twofold: helping the business owner position themselves and educating them about protecting their merchant standing.

Credit card processing companies and their underwriters look at businesses on a sliding scale of risk, with three main categories low, medium and high risk. Low risk businesses have the best rates and lowest fees. But if a business owner is not aware of "triggers" that processing companies watch for, they could accept a legitimate credit card for a sale that is above their normal receipt level and jeopardize their risk level.

Our Merchant Credit Card Services Include Training

In the process of helping our clients apply for merchant credit card processing services, US Business Finance Corp makes sure you and your employees are trained in how to use the service and not make any of the five major mistakes that hurt merchants the most. We are pro-active in helping our clients mitigate risk. We know how credit cards can increase your sales and improve your business, which is why our credit card program is one of the popular programs in our small business arsenal.

We also specialize in helping merchants who are considered high-risk get merchant account processing services. High-risk businesses include categories like: Internet sales of computer hardware, software sales downloaded over the Internet, seminars, magazine subscriptions and stock trading. These businesses are considered high-risk because they tend to have a high percentage of returned merchandise or credit card fraud. High-risk businesses also are usually very profitable. We not only help high-risk businesses get credit card processing services, but show the owners how to protect their credit card business and build up a history to get better rates.

Contact our merchant credit card account professionals to see how easy it is to apply and get set up with a merchant credit card processing service. And let the sales increases begin.