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Accepting Credit Cards Improves Sales

Accepting credit cards is a business opportunity to expand sales. US Business Finance Corp places all types of merchant accounts.

Apply For Merchant Account

Apply for a merchant credit card processing service account with US Business Finance - we help business owners with low risk to high risk accounts.

Alternative Financing for New Businesses

US Business Finance specializes in helping new business accounts quickly raise capital with cash advances.

Accept Credit Cards

Accept credit cards and expand your in-store and online sales

US Business Finance Corp's primary line of business is our very successful Cash Advance program. In the process of providing cash advances, we found that we are able to provide lower costing credit card processing services to our clients. We evaluate every merchant's individual situation to determine the solution that will best meet his needs.

Our philosophy is that the best way to build a large clientele is by saving each merchant we work with the most money we can, while still providing an excellent standard of service. Historically, we have found that we can save business owners over $150 per month just on credit card processing fees.

We work with merchants in all kinds of businesses, both new and well-established, those that have accepted credit cards for years or are just starting to consider accepting credit cards. There are no upper or lower limits on the monthly volume of credit card sales the merchant must do.

US Business Finance Corp's business services include both standard and high risk credit card processing situations. To help our customers best, we have taken the time to build our company and its network to handle all of your processing needs with a "one stop shop" attitude. Contact us to see how quickly we can get you a merchant credit card account and expand your sales..

Helping new and high risk businesses obtain merchant accounts

High Risk Merchant Credit Card Accounts

US Business Finance Corp specializes in helping new businesses and merchants who have "high risk" businesses get merchant credit card accounts..

Credit cards for all merchants

Standard Merchant Accounts

Securing a merchant credit card account for your small business is one of your best financial moves. The experienced US Business Finance Corp pros can help you each step of the way to obtaining your merchant VISA/MasterCard processing service.

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