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Cash Advances in Tight Markets

US Business Finance Corp is actively seeking business owners who need to locate working capital FAST. We listen to your story and provide you viable, financial programs for your cash needs.

High Cash Advance Success Rate

US Business Finance, with an 94% acceptance rate for this business program, helps business owners get working capital with cash advances with a 6 to 12 month payback option.

Use Your Home's Equity

Apply for a home mortgage loan with US Business Finance. We are expert at finding the best home loan package for your financial situation.

How Business Cash Advance Compares to Traditional Financing

Business cash advances have gained in popularity with small business owners across the United States due to their benefits and availability to an under-served market.

Pre-approval within 24 Hours
No Personal Guarantees
Cash within 7 Working Days
No Collateral - No Liens - No Fees - No Points
Apply in Less Than 10 Minutes!

Business owners looking for improved cash flow value the benefit of Cash Advance's repayment system - it is repaid through a percentage of your future VISA/MasterCard sales receipts. Payments are made only once you have made a sale. Getting a cash advance also does not affect your ability to qualify for other financing - you can still pursue the long term financing loans.

As a business owner, you retain control of how you see best to run your business and use the advance for any business purpose. US Business Finance Corp's experienced pros have a history of using the state-of-the-art credit card processing systems that work with the cash advance system to maximize our business client's transaction security - and we maintain a Customer Support 24/7 - 365 Days a Year.

Cash Advance Versus Other Financing Options Comparison

(Sample of $150,000 or less financing) Cash Advance Credit Cards HELOC Bank Advance Bank or SBA Loan
Low Documentation
Funds in 7-10 Working Days
Tax Returns Not Required
No Monthly Fixed Payments
Payments Change With Your Cash Flow
No Personal Collateral
No Late Fees

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