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High Cash Advance Success Rate

US Business Finance helps business owners get working capital with cash advances with a 6 to 12 month payback option. We have an 94% acceptance rate for this business funding program.

Alternative Business Financing

US Business Finance helps first time entrepreneurs follow through with their business plans by helping them tap the small business funding possibilities offered by non-bank "professional financial institutions".

Cash Advances in Tight Markets

US Business Finance Corp is actively seeking business owners with a need to locate working capital FAST. We listen to your story and provide you viable, realistic, financial solutions to your cash needs NOW.

Business Cash Advance Services

Cash advances helping business owners successfully finance their companies

Getting your company a cash advance from an alternative financing source such as US Business Finance Corp can provide your business necessary business working capital. US Business Finance Corp is an alternative lender for your business cash advances. Traditional loan options from banks include burdensome conditions that require set payments, collateral, assets, credit requirements, personal guarantees and longer length of time for the loan application process. Alternative business financing, such as cash advances, does not have those requirements. Our small business merchants use business cash advances to implement immediate plans to advertise, for expansion or renovation, pay off debt, attend to emergency situations, or build up a cash reserve - all from a funding source that does not negatively impact their credit status or debt balance.

How Cash Advance Compares

Many avenues are open to small businesses for getting working capital. Compare the benefits of business cash advances against bank loans and using your credit cards.

Cash Advance Programs

The success of the US Business Finance cash advance program spread by word of mouth (our best advertising!) and now we have found ourselves able to provide this valuable service to a large and under-served market: the small business owner.

Cash Advance Testimonials

US Business Finance Corp is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. Please read some testimonials from our satisfied customers.

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