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Need operating capital? Compare financing programs to see which fits your needs.

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Read our business customers' feedback who successfully used US Business Finance Corp's network of lenders to capitalize their businesses.

Alternative Business Financing

As an entrepreneur willing to take on more business risks to ensure the success of your business, you may need funding programs beyond what traditional banks are able to offer -we have the programs and deliver quickly!

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Busy business owners appreciate our responsive and active business finance pros

US Business Finance Corp realizes that our customers, owners of small to medium sized businesses, have very busy schedules handling their company's everyday challenges. We created this business finance website to help you locate the business information, answers and resources you need quickly. If you have additional questions on our cash advance program, merchant credit card account processing services, small business loans or mortgage loan programs ... or about any of our extensive business financing options, please contact us. We are in business to help you succeed with fewer headaches and more profit!

Alternative and traditional financial programs for all business funding needs

Our Business Finance Services

Review the wide variety of alternative and traditional financial programs available for your company's funding or operating capital needs.

Whether it is short term cash flow needs or long term strategic business capitalization needs, US Business Finance Corp has the best programs to meet a variety of business finance needs.

Cash advances help meet financial emergencies quickly

Handle Business Emergencies - Access to Quick Cash Advances

As a small business owner, you know the need for extra cash can come up at all the worst times - end of quarter, at the beginning of the busiest shopping seasons, etc. Use our business finance resources to quickly meet your cash needs and keep your business moving without a hitch.

"Business Financing has helped me a number of times," says Guy Tusa of Rocco's Pizza. Our funding gave him the working capital not only to fix his pizza oven but to remodel the restaurant, replace his air conditioning system, buy new equipment, even pay his taxes.

Cash advances help meet financial emergencies quickly

Capitalizing Your New Business?

Often one of the best places to turn for capitalizing your new small business is the equity in your home. A residential mortgage can provide start-up funding while helping you avoid needing to sell any ownership interest in your company to investors or using high interest credit cards.

Cash advances help meet financial emergencies quickly

Credit Card Processing Services

Connecting with your merchant credit card processing service is similar to obtaining an unsecured credit line. Your merchant account is subject to an underwriting process so we can correctly place your business's risk category, determine if we are able to assume that risk, and if so, at what rate. Three basic risk levels in underwriting are low, medium, and high. We specialize in helping merchants whose entrepreneurial ventures are deemed high risk by banks.

Cash advances help meet financial emergencies quickly

Finance Blog - Business Finance Resources

Visit our Business Finance Blog for information and resources for Small Businesses. You will find information about business finance, venture capital, new business support, office technology, marketing and sales, money matters, the banking industry and more.

Cash advances help meet financial emergencies quickly

Business Finance News

Visit our News section to view information and resources for Small Businesses. You will find information aboutBusiness Cash Advance, MasterCard news, VISA news, Federal Government, SBA, Banking, National Economy and more.

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