Why Are High-Risk Merchant Accounts Hard To Obtain?

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By US Business Finance Corp
Nov 26, 2008 - 10:47:44 AM

High risk merchant credit card accounts are our specialty
US Business Finance Corp has helped many merchants obtain high-risk merchant credit card processing services. We specialize in the area of high risk merchant credit card accounts since so many business owners have told us how hard it was to find a processing service...and then to find one with competitive rates. We have found several reasons that high-risk merchant credit card accounts are sometimes hard to find.

The primary reason is that not all merchant credit card processing services, especially banks, will extend service to high risk accounts. Conservative financial institutions are charged by their shareholders to make as much money as possible with as little risk or liability as possible. Since there is plenty of profitable low risk business working with retail stores who only swipe customers' cards, they feel no need to take on the risk of new or higher risk businesses.

The second reason, somewhat based on the first, is a customer service problem at the get-go. Account sales people do not like to take the time to examine a high-risk merchant's business to see what obstacles need to be overcome to land the processor services or take the extra time to find those service providers who are not just serving low risk accounts. As you may have noticed in trying to obtain a business loan, banks have an aversion to risk. US Business Finance Corp knows how to position merchants to find a service at the best rate, as well as having the past experience of working with the processing companies who are geared to providing accounts to merchants with high-risks.

US Business Finance Corp knows which credit card processors to go to and how to help you apply. High-risk businesses are often high profit businesses, since risk of any charge backs may well turn out to be expensive ones. We not only help you find a processor, but we help train your employees to minimize, if not eliminate, the chance of charge backs. By working with you and your employees, we can help your business build a track record that will help you reduce your rates. Even though you may be in a high-risk category, your track record can prove to the merchant account processing service that your particular company is less of a risk.

Contact the high-risk merchant account experts at US Business Finance Corp to get your better rates, better customer service and great training. Our mission is to help your business thrive through the best credit card processing service and the best business cash advances for your operating capital needs or emergencies. We look forward to connecting your high-risk merchant account needs to our high level of customer service.