Merchant Cash Advances Weather Economic Storms

Posted in: National Economy, Business Cash Advance
By US Business Finance Corp
Dec 11, 2008 - 5:06:36 PM

Business cash advances - affordable bailouts for main street
Business cash advances - affordable bailouts for Main Street
While economic shifts affect many a business's line of credit or ability to access traditional credit markets, merchant business cash advances continue to remain a stable ready source of operating capital. Many merchants have turned to alternative business financing after their traditional financing source changed either interest rates, level of collateral needed or the amount of credit line available.

With the holiday shopping season beginning, many merchants are looking to boost inventory to take advantage of the annual increase in consumer spending. However, with lower limits on credit lines, many merchants are turning to business cash advances as the fastest way to improve their year-end working capital position.

Business owners have noticed that the $700 billion bailout has been received by banks with no strings attached - federal funds are not quickly translating into commercial or real estate loans. With tight credit markets a fact of life for the foreseeable future, many business owners are discovering the ready alternative business funding accessible through merchant cash advances.

US Business Finance Corp has a history of helping business owners leverage their future Visa and MasterCard sales into cash to help secure inventory, meet quarterly tax payments, expand advertising or obtain new equipment to help productivity.

Contact our alternative business financing experts to show you how quickly you can get a cash advance to get current with your bills, keep the IRS happy or build inventory.