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Alternative Business Financing

US Business Finance helps entrepreneurs implement their business plans by helping them tap the alternative business financing possibilities.

High Cash Advance Success Rate

US Business Finance assists business owners to get working capital by selling their future credit card receipts. We have an 94% acceptance rate for this business funding program.

Cash Advances in Tight Markets

US Business Finance Corp is actively seeking business owners with a need to locate working capital FAST. We listen to your story and provide you viable, realistic, financial solutions to your cash needs NOW.

Business Cash Advance Application Overview

Business cash advance is an alternative business financing source offered by a non-bank lending source providing you with business working capital. US Business Finance Corp is an alternative financing source for your business cash advances. Traditional loan and financing options include conditions that require an amortization table, interest rates, set payments, collateral, assets, credit requirements, personal guarantees and longer length of time for the loan application process.

Alternative business financing does not have those requirements. Our small business and mid-size business merchants use business cash advances to implement immediate plans to advertise, for expansion or renovation, pay off debt, attend to emergency situations, or build up a cash reserve - all from a funding source that does not negatively impact their credit status or debt balance.

Company cash advances for small business

Benefits of Business Cash Advances


  • Apply in Less Than 10 Minutes!
  • Pre-approval within 24 Hours
  • No Personal Guarantees
  • Cash within 7 Working Days
  • No Collateral
  • No Liens
  • No Fees
  • No Points

Improved Cash Flow - Repayment is Through a Percentage of Your Future VISA/MC Receipts.

You Pay Us Only When You Make a Sale.

Does Not Affect Your Ability to Qualify for Other Financing

Use the Cash Advance for Any Business Purpose

State-of-the-Art Processing Systems Maximize Transaction Security

Customer Support Available 24/7 - 365 Days a Year


The fast-track to a successful business is a healthy cash flow. In a small business cash will be measured through:

  • Day -To-Day Operations
  • Personal Cash or Other Investor sources
  • Traditional Institutional Borrowing-Bank Debt financing or Stock issues

Traditionally, cash flow can be maintained through small business loans and financing. However, when cash runs out, it becomes very tough to stay afloat. Getting a business loan at the beginning is much easier than trying to get one when cash dries up and you really need it.

Trying to secure financing during tough times is difficult because lenders may think you are not capable of repaying the loan. Not having the required collateral also makes getting a traditional business loan very difficult. When this happens, business owners often turn to unsecured cash advance funding. A business cash advance is secured on nothing. One of the benefits of a business cash advance is that no collateral is needed. They are issued on your past credit history, existing credit card processing volume, and repayment potential.


An unsecured cash advance makes getting money easier and more accessible. The approval process does not take near as long and the requirements are much more flexible. Over the past several years, business cash advances have gained wide acceptance in the small business community. They have high popularity because so many entrepreneurs trust in the process and it provides quick access to cash.

Contact us to see how our company cash advances, a safe and reliable alternative business financing, can help your business.