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About US Business Finance

An innovative financial organization delivering short-term working capital solutions to small and medium size businesses to assist them in their growth and prosperity

Why US Business Finance?

Our company is dedicated to providing businesses with cash advances in a timely manner.

About US Business Finance Corp

US Business Finance Corp - a leader in getting small businesses working capital

US Business Finance Corp - your source for alternative business financing and company cash advances. Our financial experts can help you with business cash advances, small business loans, credit card processing, small business working capital and business equipment financing. Contact US Business Finance if you need assistance with commercial business loans, business debt consolidation, accounts receivable factoring, unsecured small business loans, high risk merchant accounts, and high risk credit card processing.

US Business Finance Corporation's vision is to be an innovative marketing organization delivering short-term working capital solutions to small and medium size businesses, resulting in our client-partners' growth and prosperity. From our previous experience, we have found the small business market, though the backbone of US productivity, to be a largely under-served market and we are here to change that.

The mission of US Business Finance Corp is to deliver effective working capital solutions to every small business in North America starting in the US. We offer world class financial skills from our US team to provide a seamless delivery of business financial services throughout our national operation, supported by the latest information technology tools. US Business Finance Corporation is founded upon four core values: Integrity, Innovation, Passion and Professionalism. These core values embody the aspirations held by both the company itself and its client-partners.

Customer Testimonial - Elite Automotive

Adam has been in the car repair business for the past eighteen years. It was always his dream to open his own shop and in 2004 he did just that.

At first it was a real family-run operation with Adam and his wife working long hours handling every aspect of the business. But with a strong desire to expand, Adam decided to take the unusual step of bringing in a management consultant to give him some advice and direction.

But management consultants cost money, and Adam knew he wouldn't qualify for traditional funding for that kind of business expense, so he sought out Business Financing.

"That decision was a real win-win for me," Adam says. Between the advice he received not only from the management consultant but from Business Financing as well, he was able to achieve his dream.

"Business Financing's team worked twice as hard as I did to build my business," Adam says. "Today I've got six employees and one half million dollars in annual sales, but I've learned that the more you grow, the more expenses you have." For more than three years now, Business Financing has been by his side helping him take care of those expenses. After the management consultant, there was a need for more equipment and help with cash flow for unexpected events.

"We work on upper-end automobiles like Mercedes, BMWs and Cadillacs," Adam says. "Some of those repair bills can be as high as $3,500 and more. You never expect those checks to bounce but they do." When that happens he says, "you can't go to a bank and get funds quickly." But with Business Financing, Adam is able to fill out simple paperwork, fax it in and have the capital he needs in a day or two.

"It's an incredibly easy process and I can't tell you how helpful Business Financing has been to us. We also do our card processing with Sterling Payment Technologies and we haven't had a single problem."

Looking back on his relationship with Business Financing, Adam says, "In my business I couldn't have asked for a better partner than Business Financing."

Why US Business Finance Corporation

The US Business Finance Corporation team has years of experience in the credit card and cash advance industry. We have built our company into two groups - field marketing and corporate operations. Our Field Marketing group is available to educate all our merchant and small business clients in the entire application process. We assist you in the completion of our one page merchant questionnaire (Pre-Application), and assist you in obtaining your four current consecutive credit card processing statements. This package is faxed to our corporate Cash Advance Operations center in Maryland where the corporate operations team handles all the questions, paperwork and account setup for the merchant account.

Team Leaders

Our Team Leaders have been in the Credit Card Processing industry in 1988, at the very beginning of the electronic credit card processing era. They spent 6 years with Card Service International (a division of First Data Corporation) and NOVA Information Systems (now part of US Bank) providing Merchant Client & Sales Agent training programs nationwide. Later, they founded SmartMerchant Solutions Inc. (a credit card processing venture) to help fill a market niche with small business financing and sold it in 2006.

Business Cash Advance - Helping Businesses Out of Tight Financial Predicaments

Business cash advance is an alternative business financing source offered by a non-bank lending source providing you with business working capital. Alternative business financing does not have the traditional loan requirements such as interest rates, set payments, collateral, assets, credit requirements, personal guarantees and long periods to funding.

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