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US Business Finance - A Small Business Asset

Our team is dedicated to providing businesses with cash advances in a timely manner.

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Professionals with an expert understanding of business finance, marketing and economics

About US Business Finance Corp

An innovative financial organization delivering cash advance solutions and business loans to small businesses to assist them in their growth and prosperity

Why US Business Finance Corp?

Why use US Business Finance Corp for your business working capital, merchant credit card accounts or alternative business financing needs? Our experienced team has helped many small businesses with company cash advances, small business loans, credit card processing, business cash advances, small business working capital and business equipment financing. US Business Finance also assists with commercial business loans, business debt consolidation, accounts receivable factoring, unsecured small business loans, high risk merchant accounts, and high risk credit card processing.

US Business Finance Corp - dedicated to serving your small business funding needs

Many small businesses have realized the financial benefits of working with US Business Finance Corp:

  • We are centrally located just outside Denver Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains
  • Our team of 12 representatives at our home office are ready to answer any of your financial questions
  • We are a firm that represents many different types of funding organizations - designed to bring you the best financial products to fit your need
  • The cash advance industry has approximately 30 different funding groups and 1000 resellers of their products.
  • US Business Finance is one who is dedicated only to this industry with single minded purpose - your funding solution
  • Our approach to our offer of service is always a "consultative" sale - timing is everything
  • If you are just exploring options - we can help
  • If you have an emergency - we can assist you
  • Our team is good at REALLY listening to your story and recommending the appropriate financial institution
  • Our team members all have experience in the financial industry through prior occupations and have been trained in the cash advance sector by our founder, a seasoned corporate trainer
  • We earn our income only if you are successful in receiving funds from a qualified funding organization - we represent you
  • US Business Finance derives its income only from the funding organizations - we do NOT charge application, origination or miscellaneous (junk) fees

Banks and financial institutions have been taking advantage of all merchants for years. Our mission is to change this injustice (one merchant-at-a-time) and we are passionate about our work. Traditionally, business owners would either pay cash for all their business needs or engage in various loan programs that were reserved only for the very large retail establishments. Our program allows our restaurant and retail clients to compete and thrive in the same way that large corporate organizations can by having access to working capital in less than 10 days.

US Business Finance Corp's Vision for Assisting Entrepreneurs

US Business Finance Corporation was founded on the idea of bringing a fresh way of doing business to the Business Capital Cash Advance industry, with integrity and service at the core of all we do. "Satisfied" customers simply are not enough anymore. Our business is to serve the customer in such a way as to create a relationship where the customer will always think of us before considering anyone else for their business or personal financial services.

Business Financial Assistance Through Cash Advances

Thank you for your interest in learning about our Business Capital Cash Advance Program. US Business Finance Corporation is actively seeking Business Owners who have a current need to locate Working Capital FAST. We are dedicated to spending the time to listen to your story and provide - viable - realistic - financial solutions to your cash needs now!

It is a fact the all Retail Merchants need to have a ready source of working capital available to them, especially at those times when they need it most. US Business Finance Corp has available to us tens of millions of dollars to finance merchants and we need to find these qualified Business Owners now. In FACT our funding company provided over $30 million during the month of March 2008 alone.

You have a choice to work with anyone in the Financial Services industry you want! HOWEVER, you must consider the entire business sales experience when you choose to work any organization. US Business Finance Corporation is dedicated to helping you over the long term. We are available to assist you now and will be in the future. We promise to answer all your questions in such a manner as to help you make the best decision possible in the shortest amount of time.

US Business Finance Corporation's Experience in the Merchant Credit Card and Business Cash Advance Industry

The US Business Finance Corporation team has years of experience in the credit card and cash advance industry. We have built our company into two groups - field marketing and corporate operations. Our Field Marketing group is available to educate you in the entire application process - whether it is for cash advances, commercial real estate loans, residential loans and standard and high risk merchant credit card accounts. We can assist you in the completion of our one page merchant questionnaire (Pre-Application) and assist you in obtaining your four current consecutive credit card processing statements.

The completed package is faxed to our corporate Cash Advance Operations center in Maryland. The team in Maryland handles all the questions, paperwork and account setup for merchant clients. This dedicated team is available to complete the funding process with:

  • Written Quotes and Flexible Repayment Terms
  • Understandable Paperwork
  • Fast Funding into your Business Checking Account
  • Lower credit card processing costs (if you wish to add this NO cost service at this time)
  • Once the Initial Advance Term is completed - MORE MONEY IS AVAILABLE for another short term advance
  • ON-LINE and real time reporting with a 24/7 customer service team

Our financial business system is very effective and consistent for all of our merchant clients. Honesty, integrity and a full disclosure philosophy drive everything we do.

Customer Testimonial - Guy Tusa: Rocco's Pizza

Guy Tusa shares other busniness owners' experience with Business Financing. As the owner of a small pizzeria in a prominent beach area, Guy really struggles with expenses off-season. When his pizza oven broke down unexpectedly, he thought it was the end for his restaurant.

Like most small businesses, Guy didn't think he could qualify for traditional financing. Then a friend recommended he contact Business Financing. "Business Financing has helped me a number of times," Guy says, giving him the working capital not only to fix his pizza oven but to remodel the restaurant, replace his air conditioning system, buy new equipment, even pay his taxes.

"It's a great system," he says. Since the remittance is flexible and based on the volume of credit card sales, Guy is able to increase his remittance during the winter months when the restaurant is at its busiest. "I wouldn't be in business today if Business Financing hadn't come through for me."

Successfully Providing Restaurants and Retail Merchants With Working Capital

There are over ONE MILLION (Per VISA/MasterCard) Retail and Food service related businesses that are at least 90 days late on some of their bills. In addition, "Regardless of the Business Owners credit", most Banks will not talk to any Restaurateur about a loan. Our program will offer BOTH retail and restaurant owners the ability to obtain working capital by selling us their future credit card processing receipts. We have a 6-12 month payback option for this cash advance program. Our application process and funding guidelines are designed to create a win-win solution to assist your business AND NOT place you in any financial peril.

Approximately Eighty percent (94%) of account applications are approved and funding is wired into your business checking account within seven (5) business days after application approval. There are no charges to you for our services! Your only cost is the fee for the advance.