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Business Cash Advance

Apply for a business cash advance - no liens on your assets.

Merchant Credit Card Accounts

Regular and high-risk credit card merchant account applications.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Apply for a commercial real estate loan and build more equity and operating capital into your business.

Our Business Finance Services

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Why use US Business Finance Corp's services to help you obtain your business working capital through cash advances, small business loans, and business equipment financing? Or to open your merchant credit card accounts or review all your alternative business financing options? Simple - our experienced team has helped many small businesses succeed in all kinds of challenging business situations. US Business Finance can also assist you with commercial business loans, business debt consolidation, accounts receivable factoring, unsecured small business loans, and even getting high risk merchant accounts and processing services.

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Business Cash Advance

We provide cash advances by buying a merchant's future credit card receipts at a discount. After your cash advance application approval, we wire the funds directly into your bank account. 94% of our applicants are approved and enjoy being able to use the funds within 5 - 10 business days of their application. The advance is repaid from the cash flow stream generated by credit card sales. Normal repayment periods run 6 to 12 months.

Best of all: the cash advance does not negatively impact your credit score, increase your debt balance because the funds are not a loan. The cash advance can be used for any purpose, such as decreasing or eliminating other debts, thus possibly improving your credit status. Advances range from $2,500 to $1,000,000 - depending on your volume of average monthly credit card sales.

Helping small businesses get merchant credit card accounts

Credit Card Processing Services

Connecting with your merchant credit card processing service is similar to obtaining an unsecured credit line. Your merchant account is subject to an underwriting process so we can correctly place your business's risk category, determine if we are able to assume that risk, and if so, at what rate. Three basic risk levels in underwriting are low, medium, and high. We specialize in helping merchants whose entrepreneurial ventures are deemed high risk by banks.

Saving merchants money on their credit card accounts

Standard Credit Card Processing Services

Though cash advances are US Business Finance Corp's specialty, we also provide our merchants excellent credit card processing services. We assess every merchant's business situation to establish a program that best meets their needs. By building a large clientele, we are usually able to save our merchants over $150 per month on credit card processing fees alone, and provide our excellent standard of service. We work with merchants in all lines of business, both new and established, accepting credit cards or just considering using credit cards - and we do not place upper or lower limits on the monthly volume of credit card sales!

high risk merchant credit card services

High Risk Credit Card Processing Services

Many legitimate, highly profitable businesses need to be able to accept credit cards, but are deemed high risk because of the level of fraud associated with their area of business. We specialize in helping legitimate high risk businesses secure merchant credit card accounts and processing services and train them how to protect their merchant status. We take our clients' business success seriously.

VISA/MasterCard merchant credit card processing services

Accept Credit Cards

Looking back on his relationship with Business Financing, Adam Busch says about his Elite Automotive business "I couldn't have asked for a better partner than Business Financing." By providing both credit card services and cash advances, US Business Finance helps many entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Business financial resources for merchants

Merchant Resources

You have very busy daily schedules running your business. We created this business finance website to help you quickly locate the information, answers and resources necessary to evaluate our financial programs including our cash advance program, merchant credit card account processing services, small business loans and commercial and residential mortgage loan programs.

Residential real estate mortgage assistance

Residential Mortgages

Home loans, one of the largest investments most people make, is a financing program that US Business Finance can help you with. Whether buying a new home or simply using your equity to reduce and consolidate high interest debts our residential mortgage offering is one of the best in the industry..

Secure your business with a commercial real estate mortgage

Commercial Mortgages

A commercial mortgage is a low interest alternative for both securing your "brick and mortar" storefront as well as capitalizing your business. We are experts at helping businesses prepare a business presentation that increases their chance of success in today's tight commercial mortgage market..

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