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Accepting Credit Cards Expands Business

Credit card sales account for most retail income. Accepting credit cards is a great sales opportunity. We help small business even mail, telephone and Internet sales get merchant accounts.

Apply For Merchant Account

Apply for a merchant credit card processing service. US Business Finance assists business owners apply for low risk to high risk accounts.

Helping New Businesses

US Business Finance educates merchants on setting up and using credit card processing system. Our team specializes in helping new businesses accept credit cards.

Credit Card Processing Services

Credit cards, a necessary ability in retail the hospitality industry

US Business Finance Corp helps companies locate the best credit card processing service for their type of business. The hospitality industry thrives on credit cards, since few people travel with the cash it takes to pay for several days of food and lodging. Our merchant credit card services provide excellent customer service, as well as keep a sharp eye on saving our credit card clients money. Contact us to see how we can best help your business, whether a low risk or high risk account, we are ready to assist you in securing your merchant card account processing service.

Get expert assistance in acquiring your merchant account

How to Get Accepted For A Merchant Account

Though the process is similar to applying for an unsecured line of credit, it is not an impossible challenge. We have the experience and knowledge to help your business qualify for a merchant credit card account.

Improve sales with your own merchant credit card account

Merchant Credit Card Processing

US Business Finance understands the underwriting process and helps merchants apply and, more especially, succeed in becoming a merchant with a great credit card processing service.

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